Michaels Price Match Policy – Know More [Updated]

Michaels Price Match Guarantee & Price Adjustment

How does knowing Michaels Price Match Guarantee help you? How can you use it to get your refund?

While you were asking all those questions, our team went to work and looked over the small print.

No longer do people worry about overpaying or not getting the best deal because they don’t compare prices.

Michaels Price Match Policy

This article has all the information you need to make the most of Michaels’ price match policy. Also, you can save an additional 10% on top of the price match.

Does Michaels Price Match?

The short answer is “Yes.” Michaels gives a price match and guarantee. The craft store giant may modify these rules at any time.

Company Michaels
Price Match? Yes
Time-frame: Within 7 Days of Purchase
Price Matches: Most Retailers with the identical item
Exclusions: Volume or Wholesale Pricing
Where to redeem: Customer Service (800) 642-4235

What are the rules for Michaels’s Price Match?

Before you ask for a Price Match at Michaels, you need to make sure you are eligible. For both in-store and online purchases, their policy is based on the following rules.

  1. Both things should be the same. (That is, the same brand, color, size, weight, and model number.)
  2. The item should be in stock at the competitor.
  3. You can’t use coupons from Michaels or other stores on top of a price match.
  4. If an item is out of stock, Michaels.com won’t give you a rain check.
  5. The store may only match prices on one item per customer.

Who Are Eligible Competitors?

When you visit a Michaels store, any local brick-and-mortar store is considered an eligible competitor.

Besides in-store and online price matching is also possible with the following online retailers.

Staples Lowe’s Target Home Depot Walmart
Kohls Office Depot Babies R US Party City CVS
Dollar General Joann Kmart Acmoore Amazon
Hobby Lobby Rite Aid Family Dollar Toys R US At Home

Michaels In-Store Price Match Guarantee

In-Store Price Guarantee, says, “If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any brick-and-mortar retailer or any of the online retailers listed below, we will match that price, and then beat it by 10%.

Most of the time, a price match happens when a certain product is sold for less at a competitor’s store.

Then, you can ask for the difference in price between those two items before you pay, which saves you money.

The item at Michaels must be the same and in stock.

In-store Price Match/Adjustment Process

  • If you find that the price of something you bought has gone down since you bought it.
  • Just go back to the store within 7 days and ask for a refund.
  • Before giving a partial refund, the employee will look at the original receipt and might check the price that was advertised.
  • After verification Michaels will refund the difference.

Online Price Match Guarantee at Michaels

If you see an item you purchased from Michaels.com at a lower price at a competitor’s website. At that time, you may request a price match online at Michaels.

Online Price Match Process

  • Within 7 days of purchase, contact their customer support team at 1-800642-4235.
  • Their support team will help you get a partial refund or beat it by 10%.

Are there any Exclusions?

  1. Special Sales: Clearance, liquidation, used, open-packaged, or similar merchandise is not eligible.
  2. Availability: Out-of-stock items can’t be price-matched.
  3. Public Holidays: Items purchased on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. are not eligible for price matching/adjustment.
  4. Discounts: Price matching includes items purchased with special offers, discounts, coupons, etc.
  5. Fees and taxes: Price matching ignores fees and taxes.
  6. Price mistakes: Delivery, service, and tax expenses aren’t.
    Frequency: The online store limits customers to one price modification per day.
  7. Resellers: Third-party vendors on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart aren’t eligible.
  8. Membership Stores: Costco and Sam’s Club don’t qualify.

What is Michaels’ Coupon Policy?

Here’s how coupons for Michaels work:

  • One coupon or discount per product, per day, can be used in any Michaels store or online.
  • There are only so many items in stock.
  • Not valid where forbidden.

Getting that additional 10% off

  • Michaels’ Policy to match prices includes purchases made online.
  • With proof of purchase within seven days.
  • You can save money on anything you bought from the official Michaels website.
  • You might even be able to get a 10% discount on top of that.

There is a limit of one price adjustment per customer per day at Michaels.

Competitor Coupon Policy Update: Michaels stopped accepting their competitors’ coupons on 3/27/2020.

Any other ways to save more at Michaels?

There are multiple ways to save money at Michaels.


Teachers can enjoy an additional 15% Off The Entire Purchase Including Sale Items.

Who Qualifies:

    • All teachers, staff, and faculty Pre-K through Post-Grad within the US.
    • Teachers who work in daycare centers, early childhood learning centers, and home schools.
    • Instructors/Teachers of After School Programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.


Military members can also enjoy an additional 15% Off The Entire Purchase Including Sale Items.

Who Qualifies:

  • Active Duty
  • Reservist/National Guard
  • Veteran
  • Registered Dependent


Seniors can enjoy an additional 10% Off The Entire Purchase Including Sale Items.

Who Qualifies:

  • Anyone 55 years or older.


Sync your tax-exempt status to your Michaels Rewards account and make qualified tax-free purchases.

Who Qualifies:

  • Individuals or organizations can qualify to make tax-exempt purchases.


MichaelsPro Packs are products that are eligible for bulk purchases at a great, low price every day.

Who Qualifies:

  • Everyone! No membership is required to enjoy MichaelsPro resources and MichaelsPro Pack pricing.


Now you know that you can walk to a Michaels store to get a price match for an item you bought in-store or online.

Also, Michaels’s policy to match prices means that you don’t have to pay too much for things.

Why not try it and stop paying too much for your stuff?

FAQs For Michaels Price Match & Price Adjustment

Does Michaels’ Price Match Amazon?

Yes, Michaels has the same prices as Amazon.

Does Michaels Do Price Match?

Yes, Michaels will match the price of in-store and online competitors as long as the products are the same and easy to find.

 Can I get a raincheck on out-of-stock items?

Unfortunately, you can’t get a rain check from Michaels if an item on sale sells out before you buy it.

Does Michaels Do Price Adjustment?

Yes, Michaels lets you change the price up to 7 days after you buy something.

How Much Time Do I Have For A Price Adjustment?

You have 7 days from the date you bought the item to ask for a price adjustment.

How Can I Reach Michaels Customer Care?

The Michaels customer service team can be reached at 1-800-642-4235.

Does Michaels Accept Competitors Coupons?

No, Michaels no longer takes coupons from other stores. On March 27, 2020, they stopped taking them.


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