Sears Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy [Updated 2024]


A Simple Guide For Sears Price Match & Price Adjustment

Does Sears Price Match? I know you don’t know how to answer this question. We researched Sears’ Price Match Guarantee Policy to assist you.

More! Sears has a long history and millions of consumers. Sears has always provided quality products at competitive prices.

Thus, it matches competitors’ in-store and online prices. Continue reading about how Sears Matches Prices and Price Adjustments.

sears price match policy

Is There a Price match/Guarantee Policy at Sears Outlet?

The  Sears Outlet’s Price Match Policy did not exist, and all Sears outlet stores are now closed.

Price matching was not permitted at Sears Outlet, and the chain’s remaining outlet locations have since shuttered.

Well! Sears and Sears.com do, however, have a price-matching policy.

The price match policy permits Sears stores to match the prices of brick-and-mortar and some online competitors in the retail industry.

Price protection lasts for 30 days after your purchase. So, you can claim a credit for the lower price if it drops even after 30 days.

Sears Price Match or Adjustment Policy Details

CompanySears (formerly Sears Outlet)
Price Match or Price Adjust?Yes
Time-frame:30 days
Price Matches:All store product categories
  • Online retailers without a local branch
  • Out-of-stock items
  • Sears Marketplace Items
  • Thanksgiving Day Sales (Wed through Friday)
  • Open box, damaged, clearance, closeout, or display items
  • Free or bonus offers
  • Special financing offers
  • In-store, automotive, and home services
  • PX Military Store Items
Where to redeem:In-store or via an online form

How to Request a Price Match Policy Work?

Sears has a simply issuing for matching competitors’ prices. Here is how to ask for a Price Match at Sears:

In-store Price Match:

  • When you discover a product that is offered for less at a Sears rival.
  • You should bring proof of that advertisement and present it to any employee at the Sears store.
  • They will check and price match for you if the requested item is eligible.
  • Additionally, ensure the item is only valid on the day of purchase.

Sears.com (Online) Price Match:

  • Requesting a price match requires filling out an online form, which can be an easy process.
  • If you plan to buy on Sears.com, call 1-800-349-4358 to price match.
  • To price match, include your item number, description, and the competitor’s name and address.
  • A competitor’s store must sell and deliver the item to your address for an online price match to be valid.

What is Sears Hometown Price Match Guarantee?

If you find a lower price on an item that is currently for sale at a local competitor’s store ((including if it is advertised online and competitor’s store).

At that time, Sears Hometown Stores will match that price for up to 14 days after your purchase.

This policy applies to Sears Hometown Stores, Home Appliance Showrooms, and websites

What are the Exclusions For Price Match?

  • For purchases made on SearsHometownStores.com and SearsHomeApplianceShowroom.com, Price Match must be executed in-store.
  • Bring in your original receipt, print advertisement, or the ordering website for a price adjustment.
  • Electronics aren’t price-matched.
  • Same brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number.
  • One price match per identical item per buyer.
  • The price must be valid when requested.
  • Competitor pricing will cover items, and shipping, but not delivery.
  • Online competitor items must be in stock and available for local delivery.
  • If an item is not for sale or out of stock, they won’t issue a rain check to match a competitor’s online or print ad.
  • They may verify a competitor’s price and availability.
  • All matches are against pre-tax prices; the client pays taxes.
  • These terms may be changed.
  • Their employees’ discounts aren’t valid for price matching online.
  • Sears will not price match items offered by competitors on Thanksgiving Day and through the following Wednesday, bonus offers, special offers, bundled offers, or rebates.

How does Sears Price Match & Price Protection Policy work?

Shop at Sears Hometown and Home Appliance Showroom with confidence. If an item you bought from Sears Hometown or Home Appliance Showroom goes on sale for less than 14 days.


Surely! Sears Hometown or Home Appliance Showroom will give you the difference.

All the rules and restrictions for price matching still apply, and there are no price protection changes between Thanksgiving and the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

To get a price match/protection policy adjustment, take your receipt back to the Sears store where you made the purchase.

Please fill out a Price Protection Online Form if you bought something from Sears.com.

You will get a refund for the difference between the original price and the new, lower price.

Price protection policy adjustments are not available for clearance clothing and special offers are only available online if you meet certain conditions.

Does Sears Price Adjustment?

Sears also offers price adjustments for products purchased from its official websites. You only need to remember a few details to be able to claim your price difference.

Check to see if your product for claim meets the identicality of the product in terms of its brand and model information.

  • The item will only be considered matching if purchased from Sears’ official website.
  • Sears’ official outlet products are not eligible for price matching with its online web store.
  • Examine the availability of the specific product of purchase that you intend to price match.
  • The time frame for applying for the same is up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Please keep in mind that only items marked as officially sold by Sears, excluding special offers, discounts, and so on, are eligible for price matching.

Sears Outlet Covid-19 update

Everyone contributes to their neighborhood, community, and oneself. Sears has helped the needy. Steps include:

  • Each employee gets a health assessment.
  • Masks are mandatory.
  • High-contact venues have better sanitation.
  • Checkout counters have Plexi-guards.
  • Storewide visual cues to maintain social distance.
  • Dressing rooms are few.


We hope this article has helped you understand Sears’ Price Match Policy on matching prices and making adjustments.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below. We’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.

FAQs for Sears Price Match/Adjustment

How do you handle a price match if the Sears price includes a deal like a free gift card or rebate?

When figuring out the Sears net purchase price, the value of all instant and mail-in discounts, like rebates, free offers, and promotional gift cards, is subtracted from the total price.

If a price match is done, rebates and freebies that come with a product bought at Sears won’t apply.

What if the item from a local competitor isn’t marked as having a limited supply but it’s out of stock?

If a local competitor doesn’t have a certain item in stock, we won’t match their price.

If an item is in stock, it can be picked up the same day. We may call the local competitor to see if they have the item in stock.

What kind of store do you think is a local competitor?

A local competitor retail store is one that is in the same market area as our store or is within a reasonable distance.

What does it mean if something is the same?

The brand and model number of an identical item are the same. This item must be new, in a box, and have the same US warranty and accessories as the Sears item.

For tires at Sears Automotive, identical means the same brand, model number, and size.

What are the other formats for the Sears brand?

Sears-branded stores or websites that are not outlets include Sears, Sears Grand, Sears Hardware, Sears Hometown Stores, sears.com, and searshometownstores.com.

We don’t match prices on items from Sears Outlet Stores, searsoutlet.com, or the Marketplace on Sears Holdings’ websites.

Does Sears sell the same things as stores that need a membership?

Sears will match stores with membership clubs. Customers must show their current membership card as well as proof of the lower price.

Sears does not match the prices of military PX stores.


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