Explanation on Fry’s Price Match Policy and How It Works [Updated]


Fry’s Price Match Guarantee

Many people have been looking for information on whether Fry’s Price Match or not. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, to help you out, here’s the information you were looking for.

We did a few searches and found the answers that you need to know and understand. This blog talks about the details of Fry’s Electronics Price Match Policy.

Also, this includes answers to questions like “Does Fry’s match prices?” and “Does Fry’s match Amazon prices?”

Does Fry’s Price Match?

Yes, Fry’s offers a Price Match Policy that has gotten a lot of attention. Under this policy, the company promises to refund the difference in price.

Further, Fry’s Price Matching Policy helps to build consumers’ trust and belief in the company. This is very important if you want to beat the tough competition today.

Fry's Price Match Policy

Let’s see some basic Fry’s Price Matching Policy details:

Price Match/Adjust?Yes
How To Redeem?Online & In-store
Price Match/Adjustment TimeBefore purchase and within 30 days of purchase

Criteria of Price Match at Fry’s

  • All new items with similar model combinations, features, and warranties qualify for price matching.
  • Also, availability trumps all other price-match factors.
  • Price matching requires the same plan, provider, and wireless device terms.
  • The firm’s final pricing is the amount you pay after using discount coupons.
  • Rebates, gift cards, and discounts will be deducted from the competitor’s price match.

Fry’s Price Match Policy – Exception

  • The company doesn’t allow third-party intervention for the price match.
  • If a product is sold through a third party, the price match will not work.
  • One price match per item is the rule.
  • One has the right to make sure that a price match request is real.
  • At Fry’s, the price comparison includes the cost of shipping and is based on the in-store price without taxes.
  • Online price checks can only be done in the store, and only when the item is being bought.
  • Items that are on sale or on sale for a limited time at a competitor’s store do not meet the price match criteria.
  • If the competitor has made the pricing error, then it will not fall in this category.
  • The company will match the price of certain competitors or stores that are on a list, so you will need to check the list before claiming the price match difference.
  • Products that have low stock availability also don’t qualify for the price match policy.
  • Items sold on special days like festivals do not qualify for Fry’s Price match.
  • To be a competitor of Fry’s, a store must have a contract with the product’s maker to sell it.

How does Fry’s 30-Day Price Match Guarantee work?

This price guarantee process takes place after the item has been bought. This process gives priority to the same product and the same store. It can also give priority to competing companies.


Fry’s Price Guarantee typically requires the customer to initiate the claim within 30 days of the purchase date.

  • Check to see if information about the product at a lower price is available.
  • Gather proof of the information and share it with the people from Fry’s.
  • Claim that you bought a product at a lower price within 30 days of the date of your bill.
  • You can take care of this step by calling Fry’s sales support at the number provided above.
  • After the claim has been checked, you will either get the full amount back or the difference.

Note: Fry’s will give the difference back to the customer as soon as possible or within a few days.

Even if you buy something from a company that is in competition with you, you still have to follow the rules above.


Fry’s price match and price adjustment policies are meant to help and please you with their useful and available services.

Now that you know how Fry’s policy on matching prices works. We’re pretty sure you can use it to your advantage and keep your money from running out.

If you still have questions about how price matching and adjustments work at Fry’s, you can put them in the comments section below.

We’ll do our best to find the right answers to your questions as soon as we can.

FAQs For Fry’s Price Match Promises

Does Fry’s Price Match?

Yes, they will match the price of any of their competitors’ products.

Does Fry’s Electronics offer financing?

Yes, they do offer special financing, but it depends on what you’re buying.

What is the time period for a price adjustment?

We usually require 30 days from the date of purchase to complete this procedure.

Which items can be qualified for price match?

The product must be the same and have the same setup, features, and length of warranty.


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