Denny’s Allergen Menu 2024


Denny’s Allergen Menu 2024

Denny’s allergen menu 2024 lists all the allergens present in every menu item, served to customers to ensure that customers can make choices and be confident dining out.

Information on the Denny’s Allergen Menu & Indigrants presented in food items is legally required for all customers dining out. It must be made accessible to each customer, whether a hard copy in the restaurant, online pdf, or on the Denny’s App.

To ensure that you are a safe server, most servers of restaurants ask every customer to tell them if they are allergic to specific foods before sitting at their tables. They also will make an entry in their menu.

Denny’s used to have menus labeling milk, but we’ve fixed it. As of now, Denny’s offers dairy-free options on every section of its menu.

Denny’s Nutrition and Allergen information

Denny’s uses ingredients that contain all of the major FDA allergens such as peanuts and eggs, milk, seafood, fish, tree nuts, soy, and wheat.

Moreover, Denny’s restaurants prepared their meals fresh using cooking equipment shared with other customers. And so allergens may present in all dishes.

  1. We season our grills with vegetable oil from our fryers and with bacon.
  2. Vegetable oil includes but is not limited to soybean, canola and cottonseed oils.
  3. Our tomato sauce contains pork and chicken.
  4. Our bourbon sauce contains beef.
  5. Our gravies and au jus are made in the traditional method which includes using meat drippings. These include our brown, country and sausage gravies.
  6. This allergen guide provides an overview of the FDA’s top 8 allergens, plus gluten.
  7. The information in this guide is Denny‘s-diner clearly states on its official allergen guide below notes. Must check them 

Denny’s Allergen Menu

You can navigate the menu more easily while avoiding allergic reactions thanks to the detailed information provided in our Dennys Allergen Menu report on the allergens & potential allergens in your favourite foods.

denny's allergen menu

The absence of Cross contact with allergens cannot be assure by Denny’s. Any sensitivity or allergy to a food item served at Sonic restaurants is not the responsibility of Denny’s®, its employees, or its franchisees. Additionally, we disclaim all liability for the accuracy of the data.

X – Contains this allergen
– May contain this allergen or is processed in a facility or on equipment with this allergen
To designate type of fish or tree nut allergen in food item, the following code will be used in lieu of the “X”:
A = Anchovies A = Almonds
F = Pollock/Whitefish CO = Coconut
SM = Salmon
• Designates a variety of nuts are present in food item

If you’ve any allergen concerns, do check out the official Denny’s Allergen Menu with nutritional information.

Menu ItemEggFishShellfishMilk/DairySoybeansPeanutsWheatSesame SeedsMustard

Denny’s Bennies

1/2 Chorizo BennyX  X  X  
1/2 Classic BennyX  XX X  
1/2 Prime Rib BennyX  XX X  
1/2 Salsa Sensation BennyX  X  X  
Chorizo BennyX  X  X  
Classic BennyX  XX X  
Prime Rib BennyX  XX X  
Salsa Sensation BennyX  X  X  

Denny’s Bennies

Signature Slams         
Fit SlamX  XX X  
All-American SlamX  X  X  
Lumberjack SlamX  XX X  
French Toast SlamX  XX X  

Denny’s Bennies

Omelettes (no sides)         
Loaded Veggie OmeletteX  XX    
Philly Cheesesteak OmeletteX  XX    
Ultimate OmeletteX  XX    
Denver OmeletteX  XX    
Build Your Own Omelette (no toppings)X  XX    

Denny’s Bennies

BYO Omelette Toppings         
Caramelized Onions    X    
Fire-Roasted Bell Peppers & Onions    X    
Fresh Spinach         
Pico de Gallo         
Sauteed Mushrooms    X    
Chorizo Sausage    X    
Sausage    X    
Turkey BaconX        
Canadian Cheese   XX    
Cheddar Cheese   X     
Italian Cheese Blend   X     
Pepper Jack Queso   X     
Swiss Cheese   X     
Fresh Avocado         

Denny’s Bennies

Premium Pancakes (no sides)         
Choconana PancakesX  XX X  
Double Berry Banana PancakesX  XX X  
Cinnamon Roll PancakesX  XX X  
Salted Caramel & Banana PancakesX  XX X  
Hearty 9-Grain PancakesX  XX X  
Berry Vanilla CrepeX  XX X  

Denny’s Bennies

Signature Breakfasts         
Fit Fare Sizzlin’ SkilletX  XX    
Santa Fe Sizzlin’ SkilletX  XX    
Supreme Sizzlin’ SkilletX  XX    
The Grand SlamwichX  XX X  
Moons Over My HammyX  XX X  
T-Bone Steak & EggsX  XX X  
Country-Fried Steak & EggsX  XX X  
Breakfast PoutineX  X  X  

Denny’s Bennies

Breakfast Menu Items A La Carte         
Buttermilk PancakesX  XX X  
Crepes (No Filling)   XX X  
Hash Browns   XX    
Cheddar Cheese Hash Browns   XX    
Everything Hash Browns   XX    
Red-Skinned Potatoes         
Sourdough BreadX  XX XX 
Multigrain Bread    X XX 
Wheat Bread   XX XX 
White BreadX  XX XX 
Rye BreadX  XX XX 
English MuffinX  XX X  
Gluten Free English MuffinX  XX    
Eggs, BastedX  XX    
Eggs, BoiledX        
Eggs, FriedX  XX    
Eggs, ScrambledX  XX    
Eggs, Sunnyside UpX  XX    
Eggs, PoachedX   X    
Egg Whites         
Sausage Link    X    
Bacon Slice         
Turkey Bacon SliceX        
Ham Slice         
Fruit, Banana         
Fruit, Grapes         
Fruit, Apples         
Fruit, Cantaloupe         
Fruit, Strawberries         
Yogurt   X     
Oatmeal   X  X  

Denny’s Bennies

Premium Chicken TendersX  XX X  
Mozzerella Sticks   XX X  
Onion Rings   XX X  
Tortilla Chips & Queso (Avail in Sampler)   XX    
Bacon Cheddar Tots   X  X  
Loaded Bacon Cheddar Tots   X  X  
Nacho Meet Add-On         
Chicken Wings (No Sauce)    X X  
Poutine   XX X  
Zesty Nachos   X     
Double Chocolate Pancake Puppies   X  X  

Denny’s Bennies

Dipping Sauces         
Diner Q SauceX       X
Buffalo Sauce   X     
BBQ Sauce        X
Blue Cheese SauceX  X    X
Ranch SauceX  X     
Honey Mustard SauceX   X   X
Plum Sauce         


Chicken Noodle SoupX   X X  
Loaded Baked Potato Soup   X     
Broccoli Cheddar Soup   XX    
Clam Chowder Soup XXXX X  
Garden Vegetable Soup         

Salads & Dressings

Cobb SaladX  X     
Caesar Side SaladXX XX XX 
Garden Side Salad   XX XX 
House Salad   XX XX 
Blue Cheese DressingX  X    X
Caesar DressingXX XX X  
French Dressing        X
Garden Herb Dressing         
Thoursand Island DressingX       X
Ranch DressingX  X     
Honey Mustard DressingX   X   X
Add Premium Chicken Tenders    X X  
Add Grilled Chicken    X    
Add Prime Rib    X    
Add Wild Salmon X  X    

Burgers, Melts & Handhelds

Cali Club SandwichX  XX XXX
Club SandwichX  XX XXX
Chick ‘N Honey SandwichX  XX XXX
Diner Classic Patty Melt   XX X  
Nashville Hot Chicken Melt   XX X  
The Big Dipper Melt   XX X  
The Super BirdX  XX XX 
Bacon Avocado CheeseburgerX  XX XXX
Bourbon Bacon BurgerX  XX XXX
Canada’s Diner DoubleX  XX XXX
Double CheeseburgerX  XX XXX
SlamburgerX  XX XXX
Flamin’ 5-Pepper BurgerX  XX XXX
Build Your Own BurgerX     XXX
100% Beef Burger Patty    X    
Grilled Seasoned Chicken Breast Patty    X    
Crispy Chicken Breast Patty   XX X  
Beyond Burger Patty    X    
Swiss Cheese   X     
Aged White Cheddar Cheese   X     
Canadian Cheese   XX    
Caramelized Onions    X    
Sauteed Mushrooms    X    
Bacon Strips         
MayoX   X    
BBQ Sauce        X
Bourbon Sauce    X X  
Diner Q SauceX       X

Lunch Sides

Wavy-Cut Fries      X  
Seasoned Fries      X  
Onion Rings   X  X  
Bacon Cheddar Tots   X  X  

Dinner Menu Items

Chicken Addiction Bowl   XX X  
Mama D’s Pot Roast Bowl    X X  
Bourbon Chicken SkilletX  XX X  
Butter Chicken Skillet    X   X
Crazy Spicy Sizzlin’ SkilletX  XX X  
Brooklyn Spaghetti & MeatballsX  XX X X
Country-Fried Steak w/ Gravy   XX X  
Plate Lickin’ Chicken Fried Chicken   XX X  
Roast Turkey and Stuffing   XX X X
Premium Chicken Tenders (Dinner)X  XX X  
Sirloin Steak   XX    
T-Bone Steak    X    
Fish & ChipsXX XX XXX
Grilled HaddockXX XX XXX
Wild Salmon X  X    

Dinner Sides

Sweet Petite Corn   XX    
Sauteed Zucchini & Squash   XX    
Garlic Red-Skinned Mashed Potatoes   X     
Jasmine Rice         
Whole Grain Rice         
Garlic Bread (Dinner)   XX X  

55+ Menu Items

55+ Fit Fare Loaded Veggie OmeletteX  XX    
55+ OmeletteX  XX    
55+ Starter   XX    
55+ French Toast SlamX  XX X  
55+ Scrambled Eggs & CheddarX  XX X  
55+ Country-Fried Steak   XX X  
55+ Grilled CheeseX  XX XX 
55+ Grilled Chicken   XX    
55+ Grilled HaddockXX XX X  
55+ Turkey & Dressing Dinner   XX X X
55+ Fish & ChipsXX XX XXX


Apple Juice         
Chamomile Tea         
Chocolate Milk   X     
Chocolate Milk (kids)   X     
Coke (Kids)         
Decaf Coffee         
Diet Coke         
Diet Coke (Kids)         
Earl Grey Tea         
English Breakfast Tea         
Gingerale (Kids)         
Grapefruit Juice         
Green Tea         
Hot Chocolate   X     
Hot Tea         
Iced Tea         
Lemonade Iced Tea         
Lemonade – Mango         
Lemonade – Strawberry         
Milk 2%   X     
Milk 2% (Kids)   X     
Orange Juice         
Orange Juice (Kids)         
Peppermint Tea         
Root Beer         
Root Beer (Kids)         
Sprite (Kids)         
Smoothie – Mango   X     
Smoothie – Strawberry Banana   X     
Smoothie – Tropical Green   X     
Tomato Juice         

Milk Shakes

Cake Batter Milk Shake   XX X  
Chocolate Milkshake   XX X  
Oreo Milkshake   XX X  
Strawberry Milkshake   XX X  
Vanilla Milkshake   XX X  


Apple CrispX  XX X  
CheesecakeX  XX X  
PanookieX  XX X  
Cookies and Cream CakeX  XXXX  
Lemon White Choc CheesecakeX  XXXX  
Ice Cream Chocolate   XX X  
Ice Cream Strawberry   XX X  
Ice Cream Vanilla   XX X  

If you have a food allergy, consult your doctor about Dennys’ Products.

Since Dennys’ menu &/or ingredients may change, check the ingredient and Allergen Sections often.

For menu information, call 1 800 733 6697.

More Allergen Menu

Dennys Customer Service

Mailing AddressDenny’s, Inc.
203 East Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29319Please address all mail to one of the departments below:ATTN: Guest Services: P-7-3ATTN: Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits: P-5-1ATTN: Legal / Risk Management:
Guest ServicesMon-Fri, 8am-7pm EST


The most Up to date allergen information is fully disclosed on Dennys Allergen Menu.

We hope you find enough information on Denny’s Allergen Menu from this.

If you have any kind of query you can post a comment in the below Comment BOX.

Denny’s Allergen Menu FAQs

What kind of oil does Denny use?

Denny’s uses soybean, canola & cottonseed oil in both the fryer & the grill.

Does Denny’s use vegetable oil?

Denny’s seasons its grills with vegetable oil from fryers & with bacon. Vegetable oil includes but is not limited to soybean, canola & cottonseed oils. Denny’s tomato sauce contains pork & chicken.

Do Denny’s eggs have dairy?

Omelets are made to order & they have been told the eggs are made without milk. But verify that your location does not add any dairy & that the omelets are not cooked in dairy butter.

Do Denny’s pancakes have eggs in them?

The batter has also been upgraded & now includes eggs, vanilla & buttermilk added at each restaurant.


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