O'Reilly Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy [2024 Updated] ❤️

O’Reilly Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy [2024 Updated]

Does O’Reilly Price Match and Price Adjust?

We’re going to answer the question, “Does O’Reilly Price Match?” and “Does O’Reilly Adjust Prices?

Along with these two questions, we will also talk about how long you have to file for your refund, if there are any exceptions and more.

Read this article carefully, if you want to know how to save money at O’Reilly’s. Let’s get started without further ado.

O'reilly Price Match

A little bit about O’Reilly

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the biggest and oldest names in the business of making and selling auto parts.

It has more than 5,000 stores all over the United States and more than 20 stores in Mexico. It serves both businesses and people.

The company wants to be “the dominant supplier of auto parts in their market areas” and offer the “best of price, quality, and the highest possible service level.”

With their lofty goals in mind, our team put O’Reilly’s price match policy to the test and looked at how they compared to their competitors.

Does O’Reilly’s Auto Parts have a Price Match Program?

Yes, is indeed the short answer.

O’Reilly will match the price of a competitor’s item. This is called the “Auto Price Low Price Guarantee.”

But the rule only applies to stores that sell things. They can offer you a better deal than the local competitors who are close to you.

Here is a list of stores in the area whose prices the store will match.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Price Match Competitors

  • AutoZone
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • PepBoys
  • All other traditional “car part” retailers

Note: Home Depot, Walmart, and other competitors might not be on the list.

Who Can Use O’Reilly Price Match?

You have to meet certain requirements to be eligible for O’Reilly’s price match. Check out the two most important rules for a price match.

  1. The product you want should be in stock at both the company and the store where you want to work.
  2. Both stores should offer the same length of warranty time.

How to ask O’Reilly to match a competitor’s price?

O’Reilly’s has a policy of matching prices, just like other stores. To get a price match, you have to do a few things. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Go to the O’Reilly store and buy the thing you want there.
  • Check out the same brand, model, and product on the website of a different competitor.
  • Check again to see if O’Reilly says the product is not included.
  • Go to the O’Reilly store and talk to someone who works there.
  • Show them the right proof (it can be an advertisement that reveals the price of the item).
  • The salesperson will check the information and send your request to the store manager.
  • If you can show proof that is valid and right, the manager will lower the charge.

What about online stores?

Prices from other stores will be matched, but O’Reilly can’t match prices from online stores right now.

They say that because those don’t have store buildings and floor staff, they offer less service, which makes them cheaper.

Does O’Reilly Price Adjustment?

O’Reilly’s policy is that prices can’t be changed or coupons used after a purchase has been made.

Each sale is final when it comes to price changes. You might now have a little more luck putting the given policy into action on a day-to-day basis.

Some store managers have told us that they are willing to go against the rule above.

Whether you get an exemption or not will likely depend on how much the price has changed and how long it has been since you bought the item.

Any other Ways to Save at O’Reilly?

  • Current store discounts and specials
  • Rebates, which can be found online on O’Reilly’s Rebate Center
  • 10% discount for active-duty, veteran, and reserve military service members (as previously reported)
  • O’Rewards, which is free to join with no purchase required. Members earn a $5 reward for every $150 spent

Does O’Reilly have the same prices as RockAuto?

A big no! RockAuto and O’Reilly don’t have the same prices because RockAuto is an online-only business.

They don’t have the same number of costs that come with having a storefront. So O’Reilly can’t match the prices of its online competitors right now.

In Summary

O’Reilly doesn’t match prices from online stores right now, they still promise to give you the best deal in any local store. Use this to your advantage!

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Does O’Reilly Price Match?

Yes, most O’Reilly stores match the prices of their local competitors.

How do I get in touch with O’Reilly’s customer service team?

Call 1-888-327-7153 for general help. Please call 1-800-283-3096 if you need help with O’Rewards.

Does O’Reilly offer refunds?

We offer limited warranties on all of the things you buy from O’Reilly Auto Parts. If your product is broken and the warranty covers it.

You can take it back to any O’Reilly Auto Parts store to get a new one, have it fixed, or get your money back.

In order to get warranty service, you must have the original sales receipt.

Does O’Reilly do exchanges?

You can return both in-store and online purchases to any O’Reilly Auto Parts location or ship them to the business.

If you still have the original sales receipt, you can return a brand-new item at any time. For your return to be accepted, it must be in the same packaging it came in.

Can you give O’Reilly’s used parts?

You can send online and in-store purchases back to any O’Reilly Auto Parts store or send them directly to the company.

If you have the original receipt, you can return a new item at any time. To be accepted, your return must be in the original packaging.

Does O’Reilly have the same prices as RockAuto?

No way! The prices at O’Reilly don’t match those at RockAuto. The reason for this is that RockAuto is an online-only business.

They don’t have to pay the same amount to keep a physical location open. At the moment, O’Reilly’s prices are higher than those of its online competitors.

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