Bloomingdale's Price Match Policy To Save More [Updated] ❤️

Bloomingdale’s Price Match Policy To Save More [Updated]

Does Bloomingdale’s Price Match?

If you are a fashion lover,  Bloomingdales is also one of the most popular to buy clothes.

But want to know, does Bloomingdale’s Price Match those of its competitors? Yes!

The answer to your question is in this given post. Find out how you can do a price match and if they have a price adjustment policy or not.

bloomingdale's price match policy

This post includes what is Bloomingdale’s Price Match and Price Adjustment, how it works, exclusion, FAQs, and all.

What is a Price Match Promise?

Well! Bloomingdale’s is committed to offering you the best price possible. So, if you find the same item online, priced for less at one of the competitors. They will refund you the difference with a coupon code.

Price Difference Definition:

If the item you purchase goes on sale within 5 days of your purchase, your item still qualifies for the discounted price.

The difference between the purchase price and the sale price is called the price difference.

Which things cover while Price Match at Bloomingdale’s?

  • They only match prices on items that are the same ( brand, color, size, or style).
  • The full price must be paid.
  • When you make your claim, the item must be in stock on a registered competitor’s website.
  • The price must be written in the same currency, such as AED, SAR, OMR, KWD, BHD, or QAR.

How can Bloomingdale’s Price Matching?

There are two ways to Price Match at Bloomingdale’s:

Price Match After Purchase

  • We will price-match an item once it has first been purchased and delivered from Bloomingdale’s.
  • You must claim the item you wish to price match within 30 days of your original order date.
  • The price match application cannot be processed prior to the item having been delivered.

Price Match Before Purchase

  • If you wish to price match an item before you purchase it, contact our customer support team.
  • They can create a unique coupon with the price difference and you can claim it on a price-matched item.

How to request a Bloomingdale’s Price Match?

Bloomingdale’s In-store Price Matching

  1. You just have to go to the nearest Bloomingdale store with the original receipt, ID proof, and proof of the competitor’s lower price.
  2. The store manager or cashier will check the eligibility and verify the proof.

Bloomingdale’s Online Price Matching

For the online process, you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a Bloomingdale’s account, if you haven’t, first create the account.
  2. Now, contact the customer service team by email, phone, or online form.
  3. Include a valid link to both Bloomingdale’s item and the item you want to price match from a competitor.
  4. Once our Customer Care team agrees that your claim meets the above-mentioned requirements.
  5. You’ll get a coupon code for the difference between the matched price and the original price.

What are the Exclusions to Price Matching?

There are some things that Bloomingdale’s won’t let you price match on. Let’s find out what those are,

  • The exchange rate is used to make sure that the prices in two different currencies are the same.
  • Once Bloomingdale’s has matched the price, the item can’t be sent back.
  • We won’t accept price mistakes from our competitors.

Aside from these, the price match applies to all the other items.

Does Bloomingdale’s Price Adjustment?

Yes! You can get a price adjustment at Bloomingdale’s if one of the following is true: Price Adjustment:

  • Prices can only be adjusted within 10 days of when your order was sent out.
  • If we can make a change, we will return the difference in price to the way you originally paid.
  • Through our email help, you can ask for a price adjustment.

In-store Price Adjustment:

  • You can only change the price of something you bought within 10 days.
  • If we can make a change, we will return the difference in price to the way you originally paid.
  • For store purchases, you have to ask for a price adjustment in the store.

For assistance with Price adjustments, Call 1-800-777-0000.

Bloomingdale’s Covid-19 Guideline

  • Before every shift, the temperature of each worker is taken.
  • Masks must be worn at all times by both employees and customers.
  • Every part of the store is cleaned well.
  • There are ways to keep a social distance that can be seen.
  • At the checkout counters, there are clear Plexiglas shields.

How to Save More at Bloomingdales

  1. If you sign up to get emails from Bloomingdale’s, you can get 15% off your next purchase.
  2. Join the loyalty program, and for every dollar, you spend at Bloomingdales, you’ll get one point. For 5,000 points, you’ll get $25.
  3. Check the Clearance section every time you go to the store to find items that are up to 50% off.
  4. Check the section for coupons, sales, and promotions to see if there are any other great deals or discounts.


We hope the process of Price Match is now much easier for you. Here, you get everything you need to know about Bloomingdale’s Price Match and Adjustment Policy.

Well! You can now claim your reimbursements with pleasure. I think this post will surely be useful to you in the future.

FAQs For Bloomingdale’s Price Match and Adjustment

Does Bloomingdale offer a price match?

Obviously, Bloomingdale offers a price match promise facility to their customers.

Does Bloomingdale offer price adjustment or price protection?

Customers can get a price adjustment and price protection at Bloomingdale.

Does Bloomingdale’s price match Amazon?

Bloomingdale’s will match the prices of its competitors, even Amazon.

Can Bloomingdales reject your price match request?

Yeah, Bloomingdale’s can turn down your request if they can’t check your proof.

Does Bloomingdale’s price match without a receipt?

A valid receipt and proof of the price advertised must be shown. Without them, you can’t match prices.

Does Bloomingdale’s price match Saks Fifth Avenue?

Bloomingdales will match Saks Fifth Avenue’s prices.

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