Discount Tire Price Match Policy – Saving Tricks [Know More]


Does Discount Tire Price Match?

If you are looking for a Discount Tire Price Match or other ways to save money. You have landed at the perfect place. For your ease, we collected some information regarding the Discount Tire Price Match Policy.

discount tire price match policy

So, stay here and find out what this price match and price guarantee policy offer.

Moreover, you can get Discount Tire Price Adjustment, how the price match policy works, exclusions, and all.

About Discount Tire

Discount Tire is the world’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer. It is operating in most of the Lower 48 states. Scottsdale is the company’s headquarters.

It offers services like Wheel and Tire Installation, Rotation and Balancing, Tire Repair, Changeover, Free Tire Inspection, TPMS Sensor Installation/Relearn/Service, Lug Nut Replacement, Wiper Blade Installation, etc.

Discount Tire Price Match/Adjustment Details

Price Match?Yes
Price Match/Adjustment TimeTime of Purchase /Service
Where Can I Price Match?Online & In-Store
Contact Info.800-347-4348
Visit the websiteDiscount Tire

Discount Tire Low Price Guarantee

Customers of Discount Tire can also change the pricing for items they purchased from their official websites.

You just need to remember a few pieces of information to get your price difference.

The Discount Tire will match any competitor’s price.

Check to see if your product for a claim meets the criteria for being the same in terms of its brand and model.

The item will only be matched if it was bought from Discount Tire’s official store or website.

Check to see if the product you want to buy and price match is in stock.

You can go to Discount Tire’s website or call 1-800-589-6789 to find out more about how they match prices and make adjustments.

What are the Exclusions?

There are a few things that Discount Tire doesn’t cover.

  • If your item is one of these, you can be sure that your request will be turned down.
  • Price matching doesn’t work on items that are on sale for only an hour.
  • If there isn’t enough stock, the price match may not happen.
  • Purchases made on holidays will not count.
  • There won’t be any special deals, discounts, coupons, or items in the process.
  • Discount Tire won’t match prices that are wrong on their website or those of their competitors.
  • Each customer will only be able to get one thing.
  • There was no help from a third party for the claim.
  • Few things can’t be used in the process.

Requirements Criteria for Discount Tire Price Match

The product you want the store to match the price of must be the same brand, and size, and meet the store’s other requirements. Check out the info below to learn more.

  • They will only match the prices of their competitors in the US. Online and in stores.
  • All of the sizes of the product must be the same.
  • The item should be in stock when the matching is done.

How do I Request a Price Match at Discount Tire?

If there is enough evidence, discount tires will match the prices of their competitors.

As this has already been said, all one needs to do to get good results is to follow a simple set of steps.

In-store Price Match

  1. When you go to any of their stores bring all the price information of the same item with you.
  2. Show your competitors’ ads to the cashier.
  3. If the information you provide is correct, they will accept your request after thoroughly checking the ads and prices.
  4. At this point, when you go to check out, they will match their competitors’ lower prices. Price Match

  1. If you find a lower advertised price online for the same product, you can call 1-800-589-6789 and ask the sales team to match the price.
  2. You “got low?” You can also price match instantly by clicking on the button.
  3. The “Go Low” button will be right next to the price of the item.
  4. Fill out the pop-up form with all important information and your request will be considered within 1-2 working days.

Note: Discount Tire staff has the right to cancel your request if the product does not meet the eligibility criteria after verifying it.

How To Save More From Discount Tire

Apart from price match and price adjustment, there are some other ways to save more.

  • Shop when there is a clearance sale.
  • During Black Friday and other holiday sales, you can buy things quickly and cheaply.
  • Check their website for other deals and offers.
  • Use their discount for the military to save some money.
  • Request a Tire Financing Card from them.

Last Words About Discount Tire Match Prices

In short, by using Discount Tire Price Match, you can save money. You should know some exclusions or rules before requesting a price match.

Also, Discount Tire offers some deals for saving some extra. In last thanks for reading this post.

If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to ask.

Happy shopping!!!

FAQs For Discount Tire Price Match

When can I get my refund for the price adjustment?

Discount Tier will give you a refund if you ask for a price adjustment and it works. This will go to the way you paid earlier.

Where can I find the option to match prices?

If you go to the product page, you’ll see a box that says “Get less than the item’s price”

Can I ask the store to price match more than one item?

The discount tier does not allow customers to ask for price matching on more than one item. One per person.

Do they match prices at other stores?

They match prices, but only for certain competitors and in certain areas.

How to Contact a Discount Tire?


Can I give a discount tire back tire?

Yes, you can return it as long as you follow their return policy.

Does Discount Tier offer price adjustments?

Discount tiers also allow customers to change the price of items purchased from them


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