Micro Center Price Match Policy & Price Adjustment Policy

Does Micro Center Price Match? Some Tips To Save Big!

Micro Center Price Match Policy: Actually! Micro Center doesn’t have an official price match policy. However, a store manager can choose to match a competitor’s price.

If certain conditions are met, such as the item being sold by a major retailer and being in stock.

We’ve researched the Micro Center Price Adjustment & Price Match facility and are ready to share our findings.

micro center price match

See below for more information on how to get a price match at Micro Center.

Does Micro Center guarantee to match prices?

We looked through Micro Center’s knowledge base and found useful information about the store’s policy on matching prices.

Micro Center are able to price match most major retailers and manufacturer websites.

Micro Center’s Price Matching Policy: Few Details

  • Brick-and-mortar stores that sell the same item must have it in stock.
  • The model number and/or UPC number of the same item from a competitor must match exactly.
  • Items bought online must be available online (in stock) on a competitor’s website.
  • If shipping is available, the item must only be sold and shipped by the competitor (not by third parties).
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Requirements for price matching

  • Competitor must list the exact same model number and/or UPC number
  • Competitors with Brick & Mortar stores must have the item in stock at the closest retail store to the customers Micro Center.
  • Competitor must have the item in-stock. If the item is available for shipping, it must be sold and shipped by the competitor directly and not a third-party listing.

We’ve got good news. Yes, Micro Center will match prices.

Micro Center Price Adjustment & Price Match Details

Company Micro Center
Price Match or Adjust? Yes
Time-frame No information available
Price Matches Most manufacturer websites and major retailers
Exclusions Mail-in rebates, open-box and/or off-lease items, clearance and refurbished items, out-of-stock merchandise, competitor promos/coupons, time-limited and special sales, i.e., Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and (Amazon) Prime Day
Where to redeem Your local Micro Center store

How do I take advantage of Micro Center’s price matching?

Customers can ask Micro Center to match a price in three different ways:

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone
  3. In person.

Over the phone:

  • When you call your local Micro Center (you can find the one closest to you on their website! ).
  • Ask the store manager if you can ask for a price match.
  • They might ask you to send them proof of your purchase and proof of a lower price by mail, fax, email, or in person.

Online Form:

  • Go to Micro Center’s support page.
  • Fill out the form to ask a question about the price match you’ve asked for.
  • Make sure to give as much information as you can in your question to speed up the price match process.
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In person:

  • Most likely, the fastest way to take advantage of MicroCenter’s policy of matching prices is to go to one of their stores.
  • When you go to the nearby MicroCenter, ask the management if they will match the price.

What is excluded from Micro Center’s price Matching?

The following attributes are excluded from price matching:

micro center price match policy

  • Clearance items
  • Refurbished items
  • Remanufactured items
  • Off-lease items
  • Pre-owned items
  • Open-box items
  • Mail-in or Instant Rebates
  • Competitor’s Coupons/Promos/Bundles
  • Out of stock items
  • Special and time-limited sales such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

Do you offer Price protection?

We do offer Price Protection at Micro Center.

If we lower the price of an item you bought from Micro Center within 30 days, we’ll give you the difference in price!

Please be aware that this price protection agreement doesn’t cover sales from other stores, like those on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Also, Micro Center Price Protection doesn’t work when the price of a new item is the same as the price of an open-box or clearance listing.


To sup up, Micro Center will Match the Price of products from other major stores if the manager agrees.

If you want Micro Center to match a lower price, make sure the product is eligible for price matching.

More, send proof of a lower price and, if necessary, proof of purchase with your request.


FAQ on Micro Center Price Match Policy

Does Micro Center’s price match eBay’s?

No, Microcenter won’t match eBay’s prices because the items are shipped and sold by a third party, not eBay.

Does Micro Center meet Amazon’s prices?

Yes, Micro Center will match Amazon’s price if the item is shipped and sold directly by Amazon.com and not by one of their third-party sellers.

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Does Micro Center match B&H’s prices?

Yes, Micro Center will match B&H’s prices, but it will be up to the manager to decide whether or not to do so. When we called their store, they told us that this was true.

Price-wise, does Micro Center match Newegg?

If all of the criteria for price matching are met, Micro Center will match Newegg’s price.

Do the prices at Micro Center and Best Buy match?

Check all the paperwork to make sure you’re following the Micro Center price match rules. If that’s the case, Micro Center will match Best Buy’s price.

Price-wise, does Micro Center match Costco?

If all of the conditions for price matching are met, Micro Center will match Costco’s price.

Does Micro Center have the same prices as Sam’s Club?

Yes, as long as all the requirements are met and the right paperwork is shown.


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