Juju Bar Menu Prices Official

JuJu Bar Menu Prices

JuJu Bar & Dining is an American bar and restaurant chain known for serving East Asian flavors and dishes in a refined and casual dining environment. Inspired by Brisbane’s southside multiculturalism, it is your neighbour’s destination where locals gather to dine, sip, and socialize.

JuJu Bar & Dining has a small but unique menu that offers a selection of East Asian flavors and dishes. You can enjoy Yogi Bowl, Boosts, Acai Bowl, Protein Smoothies, Fresh Juice, and a lot more. Whether you’re looking for a lite breakfast or healthy lunch or dinner, JuJu Bar & Dining has something for everyone of all ages.

Below is the latest JuJu Bar & Dining Menu with Prices –

Juju Bar Yogi Bowl Menu

Happy Strawberry $7.45
Big Monkey $7.45
Magic Wango $7.95
Tropical Perfection $7.45
Bff $7.45
Juicy Summer $7.45
Heavenly $7.45
Koka Splash $7.45
The Buzz $7.45
Pineapple Party $7.45
Create-Your-Own-Yogi Bowl $7.95

Juju Bar Boosts Menu

Calcium $1
Multi Vitamin $1
Calories Burner $1
Immune Enhancer $1
Energy Booster $1
Soy Protein $1
Hemp Protein $1
Bee Pollen $1
Spirulina $1
Maca $1
Flaxseed $1
Chia Seeds $1
Whey Protein $2
Green Protein $1.5

Juju Bar Acai Bowl Menu

Classic Bowl $8.45
Mango Cha Cha Bowl $8.45
Pitaya Bowl $8.45
Tiger Bowl $8.6
Tiki Bowl $8.45
Super Berry Bowl $8.95
Tsunami Bowl $8.95
Twilight Bowl $8.95
Garden Bowl $9.45
Amazon Bowl $6.45
Power Almond Bowl $9.95

Juju Bar Protein Smoothies Menu

Peanut Butter Crunch $10.5
The Gladiator $7.45
Shark Attack $6.45
Mighty Strawberry $6.45
Super C Hero $6.45
Wild Cheetah $7.45

Juju Bar Fresh Juice Menu

C Through the Day $5.95
Sunny Day $5.95
Toxin Fater $5.95
Glorious Green $5.95
Green Beauty $5.95
Deeper Green $5.95
Energy Generator $5.95
Green Sunkiss $5.95
Green Warrior $5.95
Melon Tuscany $5.95
Stress Beeter $5.95
Red Goddess $5.95
Super Cleanser $5.95
Iron Booster $5.95
Orange $5.95
Carrot $5.95
Apple Juice $5.95
Mix $5.95
Super Energy Charger $7.7

Juju Bar Power Vegetable Smoothies Menu

Magnificent 7 $6.45
Ravishing Green $6.45
Deluxe Green $6.45

Juju Bar Shots Menu

Fighter Shot $3
Hot Shot $3
Matcha Shot $3
Apple Shot $3
Life Shot $3
Green Shot $3
Ginger Shot $3
Wheatgrass Shot $3.45

Juju Bar Specialty Smoothies Menu

Acai Smoothie $6.45
Pitaya Smoothie $6.45
Brazilian Cherry Smoothie $6.45

Juju Bar Seasonal Watermelon Drinks Menu

Minty Watermelon Detox $5.45

Juju Bar Classic Smoothies Menu

Tropical Paradise $4.25
Starburst $4.25
Crazy ex $4.25
White Gummy Bear $4.25
Hawaiian Dream $4.25
Sweet $16 $4.25
Be My Valentine $4.25
Berry Blossom $4.25
Lollipop $4.25
Island Passion $4.25
Soy Berry Blast $4.75
Almond Berry Blast $5.25
Canola Berry Smash $5.25
Blue Banana $4.25
White Banana $4.25
Hula Girl $4.25
Pucker up $4.25
Sour Candy Apple $4.25
Watermelon Airhead $4.25
Sour Skittle Punch $4.25
Strawberry Lemon Cooler $4.25
Strawberry Supreme $4.25
Mango Tango $4.25
Raspberry Twister $4.25
Pina Cocolada $4.25
Pineapple Fusion $4.25
Fiji Escape $4.25
Aloha Sunshine $4.25
Orange Bang 50/50 $4.25
Orange Fantasy $4.25
Orange Blast $4.25

Disclaimer: This prices may not be current or the same in all corporate locations. Contact the restaurant to know about current prices at specific location.

Official Juju Bar Drinks Printable Menu

To view the official Juju Bar Beverages Menu: Click here

Juju Bar Menu with Prices List

Juju Bar Lunch Printable Menu

To view the official Juju Bar Lunch Menu: Click here

Juju Bar Lunch Menu

How To Order Online from JuJu Bar & Dining?

Customers who wish to order food from JuJu Bar & Dining can use the official website, Grubhub, or the Android app/iOS app.

JuJu Bar & Dining Hours

JuJu Bar & Dining’s operating hours vary according to the location. The table below will give you a brief about the timing –

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Friday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM

JuJu Bar & Dining Customer Service

  • Juju Bar Corporate Office Address: $15 HANBURY STREET, LONDON, E$1 6QR
  • Juju Bar Corporate Phone: 0$20 7770 6$109
  • Email: [email protected]

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Whether you’re looking for a lite breakfast or healthy lunch or dinner, JuJu Bar & Dining has something for everyone of all ages. You can enjoy Yogi Bowl, Boosts, Acai Bowl, Protein Smoothies, Fresh Juice, and a lot more on the Asian-oriented menu.

We hope you got enough information about JuJu Bar & Dining Menu and Prices here.

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What forms of payment are accepted at Juju Bar?

Juju Bar accepts credit cards and Google Pay.

Who owns Juju Bar?

David English

Does Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen offer drinks?

Yes, the chain offers great smoothies and fruit juice to enjoy.

Does JuJu Bar & Dining take a military discount?

Not at all, no.

Does Juju Bar have any outdoor seating?

Absolutely clients at Juju Bar can sit outside.

What time does JuJu Bar & Dining close?

Most of the JuJu Bar & Dining restaurants serves delicious menu till midnight $1$1.


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