Canadian Tire Price Match Policy 2024 [To know all details]


Does Canadian Tire Price Match?

Canadian Tire is a Canadian retail company. Yes! Canadian Tire Price Match Policy was available before 5th September 2024.

Recently, Canadian Tire will no longer match prices. Due to the most recent changes, many stores are still adapting to this change.

According to other online sources, we’re providing the complete guide for the Canadian Tire Price Match Policy, how it works, its login, and all.

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

How does the Canadian Tire Price Match policy work?

Don’t worry! Put your legs free. Here you will get everything regarding Canadian Tire’s Price Match Policy.

Suppose you have already bought from Canadian Tire & found any local rival store pricing is lower. The company provides the grace period:

  • 30 days: bought from a different retail store
  • 14 days: bought from other Canadian Tire stores

For the price adjustment, show them proof of the retailer’s price.

Then, Canadian Tire verifies that with their product. Lastly, they will price match for you.

How Do I Price Match at Canadian Tire?

It’s very easy. To get a price match at Canadian Tire, you can buy something from another competitor’s store and get the same price at Canadian Tire.

Follow the given steps to do price matching:

  • Provide proof of the local competitor’s offer with a lower price.
  • You may show a flyer or web page link, an identical ad on a phone, or a printed copy.

After buying a product, some question what to do if they find a better price. Don’t worry!

➥What to do if I discover less price after the product is bought?

Yeah! This is a common question. Feel free! You can request a price match if you buy a product and find it cheaper elsewhere.

  • Firstly visit a Canadian Tire local store within 30 days from your purchase date.
  • 14 days if you are about to request matching to another rival store.
  • Show proof of the competitor retailer’s prices to the staff.
  • You’ll get a cheaper price match when the group approves your price match request.

Does Canadian Tire Price Adjust?

Yeah sure. Canadian Tire has a policy called “price adjust”. If you bought a product from Canadian Tire within the last 14 days.

After the day, the price has been decreased. Now, you can easily return it with your receipt. They’ll refund the difference.

➥ Note: Canadian Tire does allow people to return products up to 90 days after purchase for a refund.

Well, that means many stores will price adjust for up to 90 days. Not all of them will.

Moreover, you can purchase again after returning the products.

What Products Can be Considered to be Identical?

Canadian Tire must consider that the two products should have the same characteristics and features.

More importantly, there are no differences between the brandsize, or warranty policy; it also opened from its original package.

Conversely, others have not, making original purchases by Canadian Tire less likely.

What Items are Canadian Tire Price Match Policy Exclusions?

There are exceptions to the price-match policy:

  • Non-Local Retailer ( 200 km)
  • Mail-in rebates
  • scratch and save discounts
  • Items with a lower retail price that are only available through a loyalty program
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Credit or financing programs offered by others
  • Exclusive products offered on
  • Products that are opened, damaged, and or used
  • Wholesale pricing
  • BOGO Deals
  • Retailer’s liquidation prices
  • “Spend and Get” type of offers
  • Special Sales Events: Black Friday, Cyber Monday

How to Save Money at Canadian Tire?

For Canadian Tire customers who still want to save money, we have some tips to help you save next time.

1. Canadian Tire weekly flyer

To save your money at Canadian Tire, go through this link and check the flyer weekly.

2. Canadian Tire’s Big Red Week Sale

You can save big through hot sales where you can see Big Red Week Sale for the click here.

3. Triangle Rewards Program

Join the Triangle Rewards Program to hack some money. Click here to join now.

4. Make a shopping list

When shopping, it’s simple to forget your needs and buy useless items. While browsing the Canadian Tire flyer, establish a shopping list.

5. Clearance Sale

Canadian Tire has great clearance deals. Click here to see Canadian Tire’s clearance items.


As we discussed, we can say that the Canadian Tire price match guarantee is a little strong.

Use the comment box to drop your positive or negative advice. Moreover, you may share it with your friends and others.

Remember: Always check the Canadian tire price guarantee policy for current or changed price match policy.

FAQs For Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

Does Canadian Tire still price match?

In fact, No. From August 5th, 2023. Canadian Tire doesn’t match the prices. However, some stores are implementing rapidly due to recent modifications.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match with Costco?

Costco doesn’t price match. Both Walmart and Canadian Tire will price match.

Unfortunately, If you find a better price elsewhere, Costco won’t help to adjust the price.

Can I get a price adjustment at Canadian Tire?

Yeah sure! Also known as Price Guarantee or Price Protection, Canadian Tire gives price adjustments when product prices drop or on sale. Customers can get a refund.

Does Canadian Tire Price Match with Giant Tiger?

Canadian Tier will beat any competitor’s advertised price if you find a local competitor offering a lower price.

Simply, show us their current flyer, and we will price match & you can get less on it.


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