Kroger Cedar Point Tickets – Discounted Pricing & Passes Detail

Kroger Cedar Point Discounted Tickets & Prices

Kroger Cedar Point Tickets: Are you located near the Kroger store? Or Are you crazy to know about Kroger Discounted Cedar Point Tickets?

Kroger now deals entrance tickets to well-known theme parks and water parks including Kings Island, Zoombezi Bay, etc.

Therefore, it’s possible that Cedar Point tickets are offered at a discount.

Nonetheless, it is the best way to check with your local Kroger store to visit if they are participating in this advertising.

Stay here to find out if Cedar Point Passes are sold at a discount at Kroger, ticket availability, stores that offer Cedar Point tickets, and more.

kroger cedar point tickets

⏩ About Cedar Point

If you are looking for some serious thrills and spills, Cedar Point is the place to go! More! Cedar Point Park is the best for the same.

It has 16 roller coasters, one of which is the tallest and fastest in the world. That’s why it attracts over 3 million visitors each year.

Cedar Point is an amusement park discovered in Sandusky, Ohio. It also has a water park and other things to do.

Yup! You may buy tickets to Cedar Point online or at the gate. However, you can get lower-priced tickets at a grocery store near you or other participating shops.

Does Kroger Sell Cedar Point Tickets?

Definitely, Kroger sells Cedar Point discount tickets. So, if you want to save your money at an amusement park, then visit Kroger before you go.

As of 2022, Kroger shops in and around Sandusky, Ohio, sell Cedar Point standard single-day entry tickets for $54.99 per Adult as a discount.

At the gate, the original ticket costs $85 per person. You save $30 per ticket at a Kroger near you!

In addition, Kroger offers a 2-day admission combo ticket for Cedar Point and Kings Island for $65. That’s a great deal if you’re looking to visit both parks.

Furthermore, Kroger deals a 2-day combo ticket for Cedar Point and Kings Island only for $65. That’s a good value.

Note: However, the availability of these passes differ from store to store, so be sure to call your nearest Kroger ahead before visiting.

1. Regular Ticket Pricing

Types of Cedar Point Admission Tickets rates per adult & child are as follows :

Ticket Cost Per Adult Cost Per Child
Single Day Admission $54.99 $45
2022 Funday Bundle $84.99 $84.99
2022 Funday Bundle Max $119.99 $119.99
Cedar Point Shores Admission $49.99 $49.99
Cedar Point Summer Pass $105 $105
Cedar Point Gold Pass $150 $150
Cedar Point Platinum Pass $240 $240
2022 Pre-K Pass $0
Discounted Cedar Point Tickets Pricing

Important Note: The above-discounted rates are available online yet the gate pricing will be totally different (It may high).

You can save about $40 on your Cedar Point entry if you buy a Funday Bundle online for $84.99 per person.

This package includes one-day general admission, parking, and even food for the whole day. So, the best way to buy this ticket is either online or at Kroger (if available).

Cedar Point Ticket Discount Price

2. Kroger Discounted Tickets

Currently, in most of its Ohio outlets, Kroger only offers discounts on daily tickets, while a rare also sells season passes.

Kroger’s one-day entrance ticket is $54.99, the same as online. But remember, Cedar Point charges online processing fees.

So, you may avoid the online procedure and save $14.99 (a processing fee of $6.99 + $8 Tax) when you buy Kroger Cedar Point tickets.

3. Discounted Season Passes

Many Kroger locations don’t sell discounted Cedar Point season passes. But, still, you can buy them online at

From now, Cedar Point has four types of season passes 2022 Summer Pass, 2022 Gold Pass, 2022 Platinum Pass, and 2022 Pre-K Pass.

All season passes, except the Pre-K Pass, include free parking and park entry.

Season passes are from $105 to $240 at a discounted price. You can also choose four instalments to pay.

4. Military Discount

By purchasing single-day entry passes online or at the door, military or army members can save $10 off regular at Cedar Point.

You can purchase a discounted entry ticket at $45 if you’re a US military member at Cedar Point.

But each military member can only buy up to six tickets at this discounted cost.

The entry ticket is $70 at the gate. So, book your ticket online, and you can save $25 per member.

Each member must show a valid US military ID to buy this ticket.

When purchased online, a single-day parking ticket costs $25, while a choice parking pass costs $35.

To avoid parking expenses, purchase a Funday bundle or other season pass offering free parking!

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 Cedar Point Tips

⏩ Summary

In short, you can buy Cedar Point Tickets at a discounted price at Kroger stores in Ohio.

I hope this column has provided all the necessary stuff to help you. If you have any queries related to the same, feel free to ask.

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