Planet Fitness Overview And Membership 2023

Planet Fitness Overview And Membership – The health fitness center was established in 1992 when Michael Grondahl purchased a gym in financial trouble. Still, Grondahl quickly turned things around by cutting the costs and focusing on the requirements of the members rather than adding bells and whistles useless to members.

Today, 11 gyms are owned by the company, while independent owners manage the remainder. Initially, the gyms were primarily focused around areas in the US northeast.

However, the company’s services are increasing. In January 2012, Planet Fitness would be the partner of Biggest Loser, NBC’s reality show. The agreement stipulates that the contestants on the show would exercise at Planet Fitness facilities.

As the health fitness center grows and expands, they remain true to their mission of offering everyone the opportunity to exercise in a comfortable environment.

Thanks to the Judgment Free Zone concept, anyone who signs up for membership will receive the most effective personal training. Since the beginning of the fitness program, we have had the same goal: to help you stay fit and become fit.

That means that there aren’t unnecessary extras such as childcare or juice bars that do nothing more than make it more expensive to pay for your membership. Instead, the emphasis is on providing the most effective gym equipment that you can get.

Planet Fitness Fees Overview

Planet fitness membership costing $10 per month sounds too appealing to be accurate, particularly when gyms across the street cost 3 to five times the amount; however, is it?

This $10 subscription is Planet Fitness’ Classic Membership which is also known as the basic membership. It could or might not require the 12-month commitment (most clubs have this). The Classic Membership has:

  • Access to all the facilities at your home club (the club you joined at)
  • Free fitness classes One-on-one support from a certified personal trainer who will help you understand the equipment or answer questions about fitness
  • Free Wi-Fi when you’re in the club

That’s all there is. If you’re interested in any of the additional Planet Fitness features, it will cost $21.99 per month at most fitness centers (a 12-month commitment could be necessary).

The PF Black Card Membership comes with everything from the Classic Membership and includes:

  • Anytime you want to join Planet Fitness worldwide
  • Access to guests on every visit
  • The tanning bed is accessible to all
  • Hydromassage access (if it is applicable)
  • The ability to access a massage chair
  • The ability to access the total body enhancement Booth (if appropriate)
  • Discounts on travel, drinks, and more at

Let’s look at other fees you might not be aware of.

Franchisees own the branches of Planet Fitness. Each franchise may charge a different fee for signing up. Some offer specials for $1 for signing up, while others charge the full $49. This means that your first month will cost at a minimum of $59, or $70.99 at some gyms.

There’s also the annual $39 cost. All members pay this fee regardless of the special they have signed up for. Use extra caution if you do sign up for a special too. If, for instance, you sign up for an offer for $1, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay the $39 annual cost. They will typically charge the fee within the first few months of signing up. (check your contract to find the exact date).

After it’s all done and dusted after that, your Planet Fitness membership costs either:

  • A price of $208 is for the Classic Membership for the entire year (assuming an initial sign-up fee)
  • $351.88 for a PF Black Card Membership for the year (taking an initial sign-up cost)

This may sound like a lot, but it’s $17.33 and $29.32 per month.

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FAQs – Planet Fitness Overview And Membership

What is Planet Fitness famous for?

Planet Fitness offers a sparkling clean, top-quality gym experience for a great price. The Judgement Zone, which is the Judgement Zone(r), is always a place where you feel at home! Planet Fitness is a place where everyone feels welcome. Planet Fitness is here to create an environment where everyone – and we’re talking about anyone- can feel comfortable.

What are Planet Fitness core values?

Planet Fitness’s core values are ” excellence, integrity, respect, transparency, and passion.” The corporate culture of Planet Fitness is, without a doubt, an original one.

How is Planet Fitness different from other gyms?

Near the top of the gym spectrum, opposite Equinox, Planet Fitness is well-known for its flexibility, simplicity and low cost. For only the price of $10 per month, members can use a variety of cardio machines, standard gym equipment and floor space, dumbbells and barbells, everything you’ll need to build a solid sweat.


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