Apple Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy [Updated 2022]

Apple Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy

Actually! Price matching is a fantastic way for individuals to benefit from the fantastic offers that are available with numerous brands all over the world.

Check here the complete about Does Apple Price Match, Does Apple Price Adjustment, how it works, FAQs and all.

Does Apple Have A Price Match Program? 

No. But if a customer is really insistent, they will negotiate the price with them.

If shoppers at Apple who are extremely passionate about a product would bargain for a cheaper price.

Apple still wants to attract as many of those people as it can, so occasionally it has to lower its prices.

Apple Price Match

Why Apple Doesn’t Price Match?

Good question! Apple does not directly match pricing.

If you buy something directly from Apple, you have 14 days from the date it was delivered to return it for any reason.

However, You can do this at any Apple store or online. (Except for a few countries in the far east).

If price is the most important thing, you should return the one you bought from Apple. The reseller sets the prices and the rules for refunds.

Some people have said that Apple will match prices by up to 10% for items bought at certain large stores, but the company’s website doesn’t say anything official about this.

How To Get a 10% Discount?

You can see the example of how is the Apple give the discount.

  • Apple charges $1999.99 for its new Macbook Pro.
  • You find a store that will sell it for $1699.99 and show this to the people at the Apple store.
  • They don’t match the price down to $1699.99, but they might be willing to take 10% off.
  • With them, that brings your total to about $1800.
  • This price isn’t as good as the one at the other store, but at least you were able to get them to lower it a little.

Apple Price Adjustment Policy

If Apple reduces the cost of an Apple-branded item within 14 days of your purchase. To get a refund or credit for the difference, go to an Apple Store or call the Apple Contact Center at 1-800-676-2775.

If you match the below requirements, this policy solely applies to you.

  1. Whether you paid full price for the item or received a discount during a sale.
  2. Only you are eligible for a refund if you discover a bargain on the same purchase item within the allotted time frame (14 days).
  3. Show your original receipt for the item you purchased.
  4. After your claim has been verified, Apple will reimburse the difference.
  5. Returning the online purchase to your neighborhood Apple store or outlet is theeasiest way to use your credit or get the difference returned.
  6. Apple won’t consider your request for a price adjustment if the item purchase date falls outside the specified window of days.

Note: The authority to confirm and authenticate your request for price protection on a specific item purchased belongs to Apple.

Can I make an exchange with Apple?

  • Apple has a 14-day exchange policy.
  • The exchange must be done in-store.
  • shows in-store item availability for exchanges.
  • Personalized Apple things, like engraved devices, can only be returned.

What is Apple’s return policy?

  • You can return in-store or purchases within 14 days.
  • Online customers can connect into their accounts to initiate a return and print a shipping label for the item, which should include all original contents.
  • Any purchases can be returned to an Apple Store for a real-time refund.
  • Apple refunds mail-in returns within 5 business days of receipt.

Any Additional Ways to Save More at Apple?

  • One-generation-back (slightly older products drop in value significantly).
  • Get a discount for students.
  • When you upgrade to a new device, trade in your old one.
  • Purchase items at the “back to school” sale.
  • For deals, look for refurbished items.

About Apple

Apple is a multinational largest technology company specializing in software, electronics, and internet services.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne started Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. Its headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States.

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Customer Service

 Apple Contact Number: 1-800-676-2775

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FAQs For Apple Price Match

Does Apple price match?

No, it does not offer its rival companies the option of price matching.

How can I get a discount on Apple?

If you are a student or a team members of Apple, you will be qualified for a discount at Apple.

Does Apple offer Black Friday price matching?

During Black Friday, certain well-known retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart offer price matching, but Apple does not.

Can I make an exchange with Apple?

Yeah! Apple has a 14-day exchange policy. The exchange must be done in-store.

Does Apple offer birthday discounts?

No, they don’t offer discounts for birthdays.


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