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Amazon Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy – Guide

Amazon is one of the most valuable technology companies in the world. Absolutely! Amazon Price Match Policy is a hot topic in the discussions.

Understanding Amazon’s price match policy is not easy. That’s the reason we are here for you.

amazon price match policy

So, feel free & you ask any questions regarding the Price Match and Price Adjustment at Amazon. Also, you can get information on how to save money at Amazon.

In this post, all your queries and dilemmas will clear soon. So, don’t leave this post till the tail.

Does Amazon Price Match?

Honestly, Amazon has no clear price match policy and transparent criteria.

Initially, Amazon guaranteed a 30-day price guarantee on everything sold and shipped items.

After a while, the guarantee duration was decreased from 30 to 7 days and, after some time, canceled.

That means no price adjustment or refund is possible. But there is a good thing about it.

Moreover, some consumers have received an exchange despite Amazon’s limited selection.

It would help if you tried it. However, Amazon has a strict return policy. Some users were banned for too many requests.

How Long Does Amazon Price Matching After Purchase?

Within 7 days, you can price match at Amazon after the day’s purchase. In the past, the time duration was 30 days.

How Does the Amazon Price Match Policy Work?

Recently, there’s been a dispute about whether Amazon’s Price Matches.

Earlier, Amazon’s customer service staff would match prices on various items if a buyer found a better price elsewhere.

Later, Amazon modified its policy in 2016 to include TV price matching.

After the announcement, Amazon’s Customer Service staff said only TVs might be price-adjusted.

For example: If you buy a TV from Amazon and find a lower price elsewhere within 7 days, Amazon will reimburse the difference.

How to request An Amazon Price Adjustment or Price Match?

Follow the given steps to get your price adjustment:

  • Firstly, Log on to Amazon.com and login to your Amazon account.
  • Then, go to “Your Account” at the beginning of your page.
amazon price match online account
  • Click on “Orders” from the pulldown menu.
  • Now you can see the Amazon Login Page.
amazon price match Online login
  • Enter your mobile number or email address & click on “Continue“.
  • If you don’t have an account, create your new one by giving your required information.
amazon price adjustment create account
  • At the same time, you can view an overview of all your purchases in the last few days.
  • Click on the product you’d like to price match and click on the ‘Order Details.’
  • Find the link marked “Found a lower cost or better price?’
  • Input this link into the less expensive item and then the item’s price.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ and send your price match application.

Alternatively, you can apply price match through an application:

  • Open an Amazon application on your mobile.
  • Log in to Amazon to access your Amazon account.
  • Go to “Your Account” and choose “Your Orders” from the dropdown.
  • Click on the product you want to price match
  • Now, click on the ‘Order Details.’
  • Look for the link “Found a lower price or a better deal?’
  • Input this link into the cheaper item and the cost for the item.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ to complete your price match request.

What If I want to know Price Matching Fundamentals?

1. Only 7 days to Request Adjustment

You have exactly 7 days from item delivery to your doorstep to request an Amazon price adjustment.

2. Watch For a Price Drop

Nobody has the time to check daily if Amazon’s price drops.

Hence, use the free website CamelCamelCamel & Keepa and get an email when a price drops.

3. Price Drops: What to Do

You can call Amazon customer service at 1 (888) 280-4331 or start a live chat to get your price adjustment.

Does Amazon Price Match Black Friday or special deal days?

No. Amazon does not price match on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day. Because on this special day, amazon offers a lower price than regular.

Does the Item Have to be Sold Directly by Amazon?

Assuredly, yes. But faithful customers are told “No.” After receiving a product from a third-party seller, the price decreased by $23 the day I received it.

Amazon Customer Service

Customer Care Number: 1-888-280-4331 [Live in 24 hours a day]

To get Amazon Help: Click here.

To find the Amazon store: Click Here.


In short, despite not offering a price match or price adjustment policy, Amazon’s prices are still competitive.

Here we have provided all the information based on other sources. Therefore, let us know if you find any queries or missing important points.

If you find a lower price elsewhere, you still have options to receive the best Amazon pricing. Cheers!

FAQs For Amazon Price Match & Adjustment

Any Exclusion at Amazon’s Price Matching Policy?

The only exception to this rule is that Amazon will refund the difference in price for a TV purchased on its website.

But when? If you found a lower price after the purchase. You may request a price refund within seven days of the purchase.

Why Did Amazon Suspend Their 7-Day Price Change Refund Policy?

The refund policy can be a big event on deal days like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, where prices differ from usual.

Further, Amazon had issues handling refunds, which is why they have stopped refunds for price changes.

Does Amazon make Price Adjustments?

Sure. You would get a refund on your Amazon purchases if the price dropped within seven days.


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