Tractor Supply Price Match Guarantee [To Save More]


Tractor Supply Price Match and Price Adjustment Policy

As a regular customer, if you are finding whether Tractor Supply Price Match or not? Don’t worry, we did some research to find out if Tractor Supply will match prices and learned some useful things.

Apart from the price matching details, we will give you the most up-to-date information on whether this company offers price adjustments.

Here’s a good piece of information for your questions like Do they Price Match, how it works, how to request, etc.

Tractor supply price match policy

Read on to find out how to solve those problems and, as a bonus, how to save some money.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match?

Yes. Tractor Supply will match the price of any identical item at a competitor’s store or online within 30 days.

This won’t work for used or refurbished versions nor for items on sale, bundles, or rebates.

Call their Customer Solution Center if you have already bought the item and want to match the price.

As long as you find a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, Tractor Supply will match it.

The best way to show that a lower price qualifies is with a coupon from a competitor, but most of the time you can also show the lower price on your phone.

Tractor Supply Price Match Policy – Details

CompanyTractor Supply
Price Match/Adjust?Yes
How To Redeem?Online & In-store
Price Match/Adjustment TimeBefore purchase and within 30 days of purchase

Eligibility for Tractor Supply’s Price Guarantee

Tractor Supply does match prices, but there are some things a customer needs to know to be eligible. This will help when it’s time to send the request.

  • The product from the competitor has to be the same as theirs. They should both be the same.
  • When your price match, you must be able to get the same item at both stores.
  • All of the sales and other incentives for a product must be the same.
  • The stores of your competitors should also have a price-matching policy.

Will Tractor Supply match its competitors’ prices?

Tractor Supply’s Price Match Policy says that it will match the prices of competitors on any item sold in stores or online.

So, customers can be sure they’re getting the best deals on things like pet food, farm and garden supplies, feed for livestock, tools, and more.

Home Depot

Are There Any Exceptions To Tractor Supply’s Price Match Policy?

Certain items and services are restricted from the price match policy at Tractor Supply, which includes the following:

  • Special Orders
  • Clearance items
  • Used, refurbished, or pre-owned items
  • Close-outs or liquidations
  • Subscribe-and-save pricing
  • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, and free shipping
  • Financing offers
  • Advertising errors
  • Services like Power Plus, Delivery, Trailer Rental, and Pet Wash
  • Items sold or shipped by third-party sellers like eBay and Amazon Marketplace

Does Tractor Supply Price Match Online?

Tractor Supply will match the prices of competitors’ stores and tractorsupply.com.

For more information, you can also read our posts about whether or not Tractor Supply accepts coupons, accepts Apple Pay, and gives discounts to military members.

Does Tractor Supply Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yeah, definitely. Tractor Supply will adjust the price and give you a refund if you have the receipt and it’s been less than 30 days since you bought the item.

Price adjustments are when a store gives you a lower price on an item you already bought if it goes on sale within a certain amount of time after you bought it.

Do Tractor Supply’s prices match Amazon’s?

Amazon sells almost everything, so a lot of the things they sell are the same as what Tractor Supply sells.

Items sold at Amazon will be the same price at Tractor Supply, as long as the above conditions are met.

Still, keep in mind that price matching only works for items sold and shipped by Amazon, not for items sold or shipped by third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace.

Does Tractor Supply Price Match with Chewy?

Yes, Tractor Supply Co. will match the price of Chewy as long as the request meets the policy’s requirements.

Chewy.com is one of Tractor Supply’s biggest online competitors, and it is known for having low prices.

But if you find an item on sale at Chewy for less than what it costs at Tractor Supply, you can get a price match and pay the lower price.

Does Tractor Supply match Home Depot’s prices?

Tractor Supply will match the price of any item sold at Home Depot or at a competitor store like Target or Walmart that is sold for less.


In conclusion, absolutely, Tractor Supply will absolutely match the price. Their policy is pretty clear and gives them a lot of room to move in either direction.

If you have any queries regarding the same, you may ask via the comment section. We will reach you soon.

Thank you and happy shopping!

FAQs For Tractor Supply Price Guarantee

Does Tractor Supply Prices Match?

Yeah sure. Tractor Supply matches the price of its competitors. If the product is identical then it is possible else they denied for price match.

Does Tractor Supply Match Prices With Walmart?

Yes, the company price matches Walmart, Target Home Depot, etc.

Does Tractor Supply Price Adjustment?

Definitely, Tractor Supply adjusts the prices if you find a lower price somewhere else for the same item.


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