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Taco Cabana Menu

If you like Mexican Food, you have come to the right place. At Taco Cabana, you can find different kinds of tacos & burritos here. Our team has confirmed the Taco cabana Menu online with their official website, and also offline with their staff.

Let’s talk about Taco Cabana first, it is an American fast-food restaurant chain and famous for serving delicious & affordable Mexican food, Since 1978. The Taco Cabana menu prices are relatively low when compared to the other Mexican fast food restaurants.

Taco Cabana menu prices

Now, let’s talk about the Taco Cabana Menu offerings. As the name suggests, Taco Cabana’s specialty is mouthwatering tacos. They offer different types of tacos to cater to various tastes. You can even kickstart your morning with their “breakfast tacos”. Additionally, there are vegetarian tacos, taco combo deals, and plated dishes for you to savor whenever you wish.

They also have an Under $5 Menu that features five items for just $5. Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays, and you can get two tacos for $2.99 on Tuesdays.

In this article, we will explore the latest Taco Cabana menu with prices, Taco Cabana breakfast menu, Taco Cabana history, Taco Cabana franchise cost, & other useful information.

Taco Cabana Menu with Prices 2024

Below is the Taco Cabana menu with prices in 2024, allowing you to review the options and place your food order accordingly.

Taco Cabana Tacos Menu

Ground beef taco$2.99
Chicken taco$2.99
Steak taco$3.49
Fish taco$3.99
Vegetarian taco$2.99

Taco Cabana Burritos

Ground beef burrito$6.49
Chicken burrito$6.99
Chicken burrito$6.99
Steak burrito$7.49
Bean burrito$5.99
Vegetarian burrito$6.49

Taco Cabana Quesadillas

Ground beef quesadilla$6.99
Chicken quesadilla$7.49
Steak quesadilla$7.99
Cheese quesadilla$5.99
Vegetarian quesadilla$6.99

Taco Cabana Enchiladas

Ground beef enchiladas$8.49
Chicken enchiladas$8.99
Steak enchiladas$9.49
Bean enchiladas$7.49
Vegetarian enchiladas$8.49

Taco Cabana Nachos

Nachos supreme$10.99
Queso nachos$10.99
Chicken nachos$11.99
Steak nachos$12.99
Vegetarian nachos$9.99

Taco Cabana Salads

Taco salad$9.99
Caesar salad$7.99
Chicken salad$8.99
Vegetarian salad$8.99

Taco Cabana Sides

Chips and salsa$3.99

Taco Cabana Drinks

Soft drinks$2.99

Taco Cabana Kids’ Menu

Fruit cup $2.99

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Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu

A breakfast at Taco Cabana is the best idea to start your day. Taco Cabana offers a range of scrumptious breakfast favorites to start your day, served all day, dine on Mexican-inspired cuisine freshly crafted with love with Taco Cabana breakfast menu.

See what’s on the Taco Cabana breakfast menu and the updated Taco Cabana breakfast prices

Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast ItemsPrices
Bean & Cheese Taco$1.79
Chorizo & Egg Taco$1.89
Bacon & Egg Taco$2.69
Steak & Egg Taco$3.69
Bean & Egg Taco$1.89
Egg & Cheese Taco$1.99

Breakfast Burritos

Sausage & Egg Burrito$2.19
Country Sausage & Egg Burrito$2.49
Chorizo & Egg Burrito$2.49
Steak & Egg Burrito$3.49
Breakfast Burrito Combo$5.49
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl$4.39
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl$4.39
Steak & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl$6.49

Breakfast Platters

Breakfast Taco Platter$5.49
Breakfast Burrito Platter$8.49
Breakfast Cabana Bowl Platter$9.49


Soft Drinks$1.99

What time does Taco Cabana Stop Serving Breakfast?

Taco Cabana serves breakfast till 11 a.m. in the morning- from Monday to Friday and on weekends they serve breakfast till 12 p.m.

How many calories are in a Taco Cabana Breakfast Burrito?

There are 480 calories in 1 taco (3.8 oz) of Taco Cabana breakfast burrito.

How many calories are in a Breakfast Taco from Taco Cabana?

There are 290 calories in 1 taco (3.8 oz) of Taco Cabana Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco.

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Popular Items on the Taco Cabana Menu

Since its inception in 1978, Taco Cabana has been a superb Mexican spot to go for appetizing and affordable Mexican food. With its variety of Mexican dishes and its many promotions, Taco Cabana is sure to have something for everyone.

Taco Cabana menu

Here is a look at some of the most popular items on the Taco Cabana menu:

Tacos: Tacos are the perfect way to start your meal at Taco Cabana. Choose from ground beef, chicken, steak, or fish, and top it with your favorite toppings.


Burritos: Burritos are another great choice for a filling meal. Choose from a variety of fillings, including ground beef, chicken, steak, or beans, and then add your favorite toppings.

Quesadillas: Quesadillas are a delicious and cheesy way to enjoy your favorite Mexican flavors. Choose from a variety of fillings, including ground beef, chicken, steak, or cheese, and then have it grilled to perfection.


Enchiladas: Enchiladas are a classic Mexican dish that is always a crowd-pleaser. Choose from a variety of fillings, including ground beef, chicken, or cheese, and then smothered in your favorite sauce.


Nachos: Taco Cabana Nachos are a great party food or snack. Choose from a variety of toppings including ground beef, chicken, beans, cheese, and salsa.

Salads: Taco Cabana also offers a variety of salads, including a Caesar salad, a taco salad, and a chicken salad.


Sides: Taco Cabana also offers a variety of sides, including rice, beans, chips, and salsa.

Drinks: Taco Cabana offers a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, soda, and margaritas.

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Taco Cabana Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationtacocabana.com/nutrition

Taco Cabana Offers and Discounts in 2024

Taco Cabana is always running promotions and discounts. Here are a few of the latest offers:

  • $5 Under 5 Menu: This menu features five items under $5.
  • Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays: Kids 12 and under eat free with the purchase of an adult meal on Tuesdays.
  • Taco Tuesday: Get two tacos for $2.99 on Tuesdays.
  • Free Birthday Burrito: Sign up for the Taco Cabana Rewards program and get a free burrito on your birthday.

Taco Cabana History

Taco Cabana History

Taco Cabana is a popular Mexican restaurant that started in 1978 in San Antonio, Texas, by Felix Stehling. The name means “Taco Hut” and they aimed to create a friendly place for people to enjoy Mexican food.

They were one of the first to serve Mexican food fast, using fresh, homemade ingredients like tortillas and salsas. This made them different from other fast-food places. They expanded their menu to include Tex-Mex dishes like fajitas and enchiladas, and people loved their food.

Taco Cabana grew beyond Texas and became popular in many states. People like their affordable, tasty Mexican food. Today, it’s known for its fun atmosphere and freshly made Mexican dishes with a Tex-Mex twist.

Take the Taco Cabana Survey At www.cabanacares.com

Taco Cabana Franchise Cost

If you want to open a Taco Cabana store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required$ 750,000
Franchise Fee$ 45,000
Net Worth Required$ 1,500,000
Total Investment$ 1,177,300 – $ 2,620,600

Taco Cabana Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Taco Cabana menu, contact the dedicated customer service team using the below contact details –

Corporate Office Address:
Texas Taco Cabana, L.P.
San Antonio, Texas 78232
United States

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Taco Cabana Toll-Free Number: (800) 580-8668
  • Customer Service: (877) 725-2345
  • Accessibility: (877) 822-2262
  • Sales/ Reservations: (972) 243-5288

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So, this is what we have shared the latest Taco Cabana menu with prices in 2024 as well as popular items on the Taco Cabana menu, along with Taco Cabana history, Taco Cabana franchise cost, and other useful details.

Since its inception in 1978, Taco Cabana has been a superb spot to go for appetizing and affordable Mexican food. With its variety of Mexican dishes and its many promotions, Taco Cabana is sure to have something for everyone.

Do share your concerns and questions regarding the Taco Cabana menu by commenting below. If you want more stuff like this, check out the articles shown below,


Is Taco Cabana only in Texas?

As of now, Taco Cabana has 148 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico.

How much is a Taco Cabana franchise?

$1,177,300 is the minimum that Taco Cabana expects its owners will need to invest in a new location.

Are Taco Cabana beans vegetarian?

No. The Refried Beans at Taco Cabana are cooked with animal (bacon) fat and are not vegan.

What alcohol is in Taco Cabana margaritas?

To make the on-the-rocks drinks, Taco Cabana adds two 375 milliliter bottles of Margaritaville Tequila.

Is Taco Cabana Beyond Meat Bowl vegan?

The Beyond Beef Bowl is vegan-friendly and is served in a tortilla shell bowl, filled with Mexican rice and black beans, lettuce, sweet corn calabacita (zucchini), and guacamole.

Are Taco Cabana enchiladas vegetarian?

No, Taco Cabana’s 3-Enchilada Plate is not vegan because it contains cheese and meat.

Do Taco Cabana tortillas have lard?

They are made with vegetable shortening only.

What are the nutrition facts for Taco Cabana bean and cheese taco?

Taco Cabana Bean & Cheese Taco (1 serving) contains 31g total carbs, 27g net carbs, 14g fat, 10g protein, and 300 calories.

Does Taco Cabana have Apple Pay?

If you’re wondering whether Taco Cabana accepts Apple Pay, the answer is yes.

What kind of cheese does Taco Cabana use?

Shredded colby & monterey jack cheese blend.


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