Here’s How Much is a Large Fry at McDonald’s Cost in 2024?


How much is a large fry at McDonald’s? You can never go wrong with McDonald’s french fries to perfectly complement any meal at McDonald’s. No matter where you are in the world, McDonald’s french fries are the best option for you if you’re craving the delicious side.

How much is a large fry at McDonald’s depends on your country and the location of the restaurants. so in this article, we’ll share a comprehensive guide on McDonald’s large fry price and their calories.

How Much is a Large Fry at McDonald’s?

Known for its deliciously crispy and golden exterior, McDonalds large fry is a beloved side dish. These thin cut French fries are made from high quality potatoes & cooked to perfection giving a satisfying texture and flavor.

The large size offers a generous portion making it ideal for sharing or as a satisfying snack on its own. Whether you’re pairing them with a burger or enjoying them with your favorite dipping sauce, McDonald’s large fry is a classic and mouthwatering addition to any meal.

mcdonald's large fry price 2023

With its uniform quality and delightful taste, this classic side dish at McDonald’s become a timeless favorite and a staple of McDonald’s offerings worldwide. Since McDonalds large fry price varies from location to location, so let us check with your local McDonald’s for the most updated pricing details.

What is in a Large Fry at McDonald’s?

A large fry at McDonald’s consists of thin cut French fries made from high-quality potatoes. The quality potatoes are sliced into thin strips, seasoned with salt, then cooked in vegetable oil until achieves a crispy, golden brown exterior. The delicious side dish offers a fluffy and satisfying texture on the inside, with a crispy and flavorful outer layer.

Known for its consistent quality, McDonald’s large fry is typically served in generous portions making it a famous choice for patrons looking to enjoy a tasty and fulfilling addition to a delightful meal.

What are McDonald’s Large fry Ingredients?

Ingredients: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Natural Beef Flavor), Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Salt.

mcdonald's large fry price

McDonald’s Large Fry Price 2024 (updated)

How much is a large fry at McDonald’s totally depends on your location and country. Typically, McDonald’s large fry price starts at $3.26 in the United States.

In Canada, large fries cost nearly US $3.26, which is similar in Samoa, Belgium, Uruguay, and more.

When it comes to countries selling the most expensive fries, Lebanon stands first, US $13.27 and Israel comes in second, selling McDonald’s large fries at US $5.82. This also creates quite a contrast between the two most expensive countries.

Likewise, the Philippines stands first in the most inexpensive price tag, selling their large fries for US $0.48, followed by Turkey – US $0.93.

Here’s How Much Large Fries at McDonald’s Cost Around the World

The image below will give you an in-depth idea about how much large fries at McDonald’s in your country.

how much large fries at McDonald’s

Mcdonald’s Large Fry Calories

one serving of Mcdonald’s French Fries Large contains 510 calories, 66g total carbs, 24g fat, 60g net carbs, and 7g protein. Check the other nutrition breakdown –

  • Serving Size: 1 serving
  • Serving Weight: 178g
  • Calories – 510 kCal
  • Protein – 7g
  • Fat – 24 g
  • Saturated Fat – 3.5 g
  • Total Carbs – 66 g
  • Net Carbs – 60 g
  • Fiber- 6 g
  • Calcium – 20 mg
  • Iron – 1.1 mg
  • Sodium – 350 mg
  • Vitamin A – 0 mcg
  • Vitamin C – 18 mg
  • Vitamin D – 0 mcg

McDonald’s Customer Service and Contact Details

  • Toll-Free Number:
    (800) 244-6227
  • Customer Service:
    (888) 424-4622
  • Canada
    (866) 970-0106
  • Headquarters:
    (630) 623-3000

Corporate Office Address:
McDonald’s USA, LLC
110 N. Carpenter St.
Chicago, Illinois 60607-2101
United States


Other Location:

  • McDonald’s Canada
  • 1 McDonald’s Place
  • P.O. Box 61023
  • Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X8

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The mouthwatering delight of McDonald’s large fry, an irresistible side dish that perfectly complements any meal. The crispy, golden goodness of McDonald’s is a timeless favorite that satisfies cravings and delights taste buds. These perfectly cooked, thin cut French fries are a tasty complement to any meal or a savory treat on their own. 

Each fry is seasoned well to deliver a burst of taste with every bite. The large size offers an ample portion, making it ideal for sharing with friends or family. Whether you’re pairing them with a burger or enjoying them as a standalone snack, McDonald’s large fry is a delightful and convenient choice.

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Are McDonald’s fries 100 percent potato?

Yes, McDonald’s fries are high-quality 100 percent natural and non-GMO potatoes.

Does McDonald’s use the same fryer for fries and chicken?

McDonald’s strictly separates frying vats for all fried products.

Does McDonald’s put sugar on their fries?

McDonald’s adds a small amount of sugar dextrose to fries to ensure they maintain that golden color.

How much fries are in a McDonald’s large fry?

Large: 163g / 100 fries.

Are McDonald’s fries vegan?

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s fries there aren’t plant-based.

How heavy is McDonald’s large fries?

McDonald’s large fries order is supposed to weigh roughly 150 grams.

Can you eat fries on a diet?

French fries and potato chips are high in calories and fat, which could contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess.


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