Subway Bread Menu: What are all Subway Bread Types?


Subway Bread Menu

We all are familiar with making the best sandwich at Subway. The very first step is to choose the subway bread type, we want to eat.

Subway uses a variety of bread for its sandwich including flatbreads. With so many Subway bread choices, it’s always very hard to choose the best, but knowing all Subway bread types can help us to make a proper decision.

Subway is renowned for its customizable sandwiches made with freshly baked bread. The bread selection at Subway is an essential aspect of the menu, providing various options to suit diverse taste preferences.

Subway offers an extensive bread menu that ensures everyone can find a delicious and satisfying sandwich to enjoy. From classic choices like Italian bread to specialty options like honey oat & multigrain, Subway’s bread selection adds depth and flavor to its iconic sandwiches.

Subway Bread Types

In this article, we will explore Subway’s bread choices, highlighting their distinctive features and why customers loves these bread.

Whether you’re a regular customer or new to this brand, understanding the Subway bread menu will enhance your experience. And also enable you to create a sandwich that suits your tastes perfectly.

Subway’s Bread: The Basics

Let us talk about the regular ingredients of all Subway bread. Subway bread is made using enriched wheat flour, yeast, sugar, oil & salt. Though, it has various types of bread, each with its qualities and added ingredients to make it special.

The bread you select at Subway may make or break your sandwich. Each bread has its qualities and features that add depth and flavor to its iconic sandwiches. Subway bread is made using high-quality ingredients and catering to individual dietary needs.

So learning each type of Subway bread enable you to create a sandwich that suits your tastes perfectly.

Sourdough bread

So let us explore all kinds of bread at Subway so that you can pick the best for your subsequent Subway sandwich.

What Are All Subway Bread Types? Subway Bread Choices

The famous sub-chain offers the following types of bread on its menu –

  • Italian bread
  • 9-grain wheat bread
  • 9-grain honey oat bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • Multigrain flatbread
  • Italian herbs and cheese bread

Some local Subway locations also have additional bread options and limited-time options. For like, select location does carry Gluten Free Bread and sourdough bread.

Let us have a close look at each type of Subway bread.

Italian bread

Subway’s Italian bread is the most basic but reliable bread. This bread pairs well with any Subway sandwich cause of its neutral taste making it a safe pick. Subway’s Italian bread is quite soft and little flaky outside.

If you love enjoying sandwiches with some fondness, Italian bread at Subway may be not an excellent option. Luckily, Subway offers several flavorful bread options.

9-grain wheat bread

9-grain wheat bread

The nine-grain wheat bread at Subway is another neutral option, but this is made using wheat flour.

Subway’s 9-grain wheat bread is an excellent choice if you are looking for bread that won’t destroy your sandwich but healthier and hearty option.

9-grain honey oat bread

Subway’s nine-grain honey oat has more flavor than 9-grain wheat bread. This bread has a sweet flavor and is the sweetest bread of all subway bread types.

The honey and oats surrounding the bread’s outside give it a unique flavor. This paired well with sandwiches having meats with a mild flavor. This bread has a polarizing flavor and may not work well on additional savory sandwiches.

Multigrain flatbread

Flatbreads are becoming a more popular choice. Subway’s flatbread is flat and denser than their sub choices with a soft and chewy consistency. This is a healthy option for your Subway sandwich and is the most nutritious option on the menu.

This bread contains chia seeds, flaxseeds and fills over 50 grams of whole grain in each 6 inch slice. It is also an excellent source of vitamin D alongside calcium.

Multigrain flatbread

If you believe that your Subway’s bread does not destroy your sandwich taste, this is not the right option. You may go for different options on the menu.


Italian herbs and cheese bread

Finally, Subway’s Italian herbs and cheese. This is the most flavorful bread Subway has and is foodies’ favorite. This soft bread is full of herbs, Monterey cheddar & parmesan cheese to give it a special taste.

This work well with mostly all subs- from Italian to meatball and chicken even being loaded with flavor.

If you like to seriously boost your sandwich’s taste, Subway’s Italian herbs and cheese is the way to go.

Italian herbs and cheese bread

Subway bread calories for your Subway Bread Choices

9-Grain Wheat180 calories
Italian (White)180 calories
Parmesan Oregano190 calories
Honey Oat190 calories
Hearty Italian210 calories
Roasted Garlic210 calories
Flatbread220 calories
Jalapeno Cheese220 calories
Rosemary & Sea Salt220 calories
Monterey Cheddar220 calories
Italian Herbs and Cheese220 calories

Subway Customer Service and Contact details

If you have any specific queries or questions regarding Subway Menu, use the following contact details of Subway –

Email[email protected]

Phone: 1-888-445-9239

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Subway’s bread is soft, flavorful and may the best part of your Subway sandwich. Choosing a proper Subway bread type plays a vital role in making or breaking your sandwich.

Subway uses a variety of bread for its sandwich including flatbreads. The extensive Subway bread menu ensures everyone can find a delicious and satisfying sandwich to enjoy.

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What is the best bread to get at Subway?

Subway’s Hearty Multigrain Bread is the healthiest bread at Subway. Low in calories, sodium and provides 3 grams of fiber. Its also a good source of protein.

Is Subway bread a baguette?

Subway’s baguettes are so sugary they are now classed as cakes.

Does Subway make their bread from scratch?

Subway is baking fresh bread in their restaurants for more than three decades.

How many calories are in Subway white bread?

There are 195 calories in 1 serving (67 g) of Subway Subway 6-Inch White Bread.

Which bread in Subway has the lowest calories?

Subway’s Sourdough bread has the lowest calories (190 calories).


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