Kroger Kings Island Tickets - Tips To Buy Cheap Tickets ❤️

Kroger Kings Island Tickets – Tips To Buy Cheap Tickets

Does Kroger Sell Kings Island Tickets? – Discounted Pricing, Entry Online

Kroger supermarkets in Ohio and nearby areas sell Kings Island discount tickets.

Well! Kroger sells Kings Island day passes and Junior as Senior tickets. They sell single-day Kings Island tickets.

The company does not sell Kings Island Gold Passes or other passes. They match Kings Island’s internet prices.

Nonetheless, you can purchase cheaper tickets at Kings Island’s gate. Let’s talk about Kroger Kings Island Tickets.

kroger kings island tickets

How to Buy Discount Kroger Kings Island Tickets?

Don’t worry, you can buy Kings Island tickets at a discount from authorized ticket sellers online and at some stores in your area.

I’ve listed all the savings tricks I know of. This way, you can get the best deal without searching for promo or coupon codes.

There are four kinds of Kings Island admission tickets: Daily Tickets and Season Passes. Both can be improved with different add-ons, such as Fast Lane.

Daily Admission Ticket

Recently, for ages 3 and up, a one-day ticket to Kings Island cost between $48 and $85 at the gate, depending on the day. Children under the age of 2 get in for free.

The price of Kings Island tickets at the gate for a one-day ticket has in the recent past been $48–$85, depending on the day, for ages 3 and older.

Children younger than 2 are free. When you buy a ticket to Kings Island, you can also go to their water park, Soak City.

Click here to get more about Kings Island Daily Ticket.

Season Pass

If you want to go more than once during the season, this might be the best choice. Kings Island also has three types of Season Passes:

  1. Summar Pass
  2. Gold Pass
  3. Platinum Pass
Season PassDiscounted Price
Summer Pass$105
Gold Pass$130
Platinum Pass$250

To check which is the best for you: Click Here

Fast Lane

Initially, you can add Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus to your tickets or season pass before a visit to the park.

You may skip the regular lines at your favorite rides and attractions once or an unlimited number of times. It depends on your desire.

kroger kings island discount tickets

Regular Kings Island Tickets Pricing

The table below lists the types of Kings Island admission ticket pricing as per age –

TicketCost Per AdultCost Per Child
Single Day Admission$54.99$45
Two Day Admission$89.99$89.99
Bring-A-Friend Admission$39.99$29.99
Gold Season Pass$130$130
Platinum Season Pass$250$250
Fast Lane$65$65
Fast Lane Plus$80$80
SINGLE MEAL DEAL$15.99$15.99
ALL-DAY DINING$31.99$31.99

Important: Prices at the main gate are higher than what you can get online, so buy tickets in advance.

To get up-to-date pricing you may visit

For Soak City Water Park, you need to make a reservation.

What are the Ticket Prices at Kroger Stores?

Some Krogers locations which are around Kings Island offer discounted tickets. Many shops discount two-day and weekday passes.

Here you can differentiate their discounted prices:

Kroger Discounted Prices

  • Regular ticket cost- $52
  • Junior or Senior ticket cost- $40
  • Children at age two and below- free
  • Parking cost- $17

Kings Island Discounted Prices

  • Regular Kings Island ticket cost- $48
  • Junior or Senior ticket cost- $39
  • Parking cost- $15

Note: Kroger & Kings Island Ticket Costs may differ from store to store.

3 Steps to Purchase Kings Island Tickets at Kroger Store

  1. Visit the Kroger Store customer desk.
  2. Purchase your Kings Island tickets from your nearby Kroger location.
  3. Pay your money by cash, credit cards, debit cards, Kroger gift cards, or checks.

The Store will sell as many tickets as they have. If tickets are limited, they give limits for purchasing.

You can’t refund or exchange Kings Island tickets after you purchase them at the Kroger Store.

The customer desk time varies. Visit them between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What is the Single-day Tickets Validity at Kings Island? 

When the park is open, you can use a one-day ticket any day to Kings Island that you bought at a Kroger Store.

You can go on all the rides, attractions, and live shows at Kings Island. Soak City Water Park is included. Kroger doesn’t sell Kings Island Gold Passes.

Where Can Buy Kings Island Gold Passes and Seasonal Passes?

At Kings Island gate, you can purchase Kings Island Seasonal passes and Gold passes. You must have given a fixed date for your visit for the season pass.

The Season Ticket alternatives are,

1. Regular Pass
-Cost- $126
-Validity- unlimited visits until Labor Day.
2. Gold Pass
-Cost: $136
-Validity: Unlimited visits on any open day.
-Facilities: Free parking access and exclusive discounts.
3. Platinum pass
-Cost: $220
-Validity: Unlimited visits on any open day.
-Facilities: Unlimited access to other Ceder Fair Parks Lice Ceder points, Free packing.

What are the Other Kings Island Tickets and Passes?

  1. Group tickets
  2. Military tickets
  3. Fast Lane
  4. Drinks and Dining
  5. FunPix
  6. Cabanas
  7. Rentals
  8. VIP experiences
  9. Play and Save
  10. KI online store
  11. Pass Perks Rewards Program
  12. Payment Portal

What are the Better Places to Stay if You Visit Kings Island?

If you stay at Kings Island Camp Ceder, you can try camping in a city. It’s located one mile away from Kings Island.

Their packages feature several offers. They have five cottages. You can choose the one that best fits your needs. You could also stay in a hotel.

What are the Activities Can Do at Kings Island Park?

Listed are the activities which you can enjoy:

1. Adventure Express
-This one is a roller coaster, you need to have a minimum height of 48″ to get access to this activity.
2. Backlot Stunt Coaster
-This one is also a roller coaster, you need to have a minimum height of 48″ to get access to this activity.
3. Banshee
-For another roller coaster, you need to have a minimum height of 52″ to get access to this activity.
4. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
-This is a haunted castle. You have to kill all the odd lives with your laser gun and need to save Kings Island from ghosts.
-This is a group game.
5. Delirium
-This is a spiral in a 240 degree and rockets up to 137 feet.
-To get a ride you must be taller than 52″.

Kings Island Customer Service

Contact us Page


In short, You can buy one-day Kings Island Tickets at Kroger Store only. Also, you may buy price tickets at Kroger Store which is near Kings Island.

For Gold tickets or season passes, need to visit Kings Island gate.  Anyway, if you buy tickets at Kroger Shop you can get to lower price than Kings Island Gate.

Having any queries or issues regarding the same feel free to ask. Thanks…

FAQs For Kroger Kings Island Tickets

1. Does Kroger sell Kings Island Gold Passes?

No. Kroger doesn’t sell Kings Island Gold Passes or other passes. Buy only Kings Island one-day tickets from the Kroger outlet.

2.  Where can I find the best deals on tickets?

Scream at the huge price savings! Kings Island tickets are available cheapest online. It’s quick and easy to place an order online.

Just download and print your tickets after your purchase.

3. Does Kings Island offer a non-rider discount?

Kings Island is a single-entry theme park, so non-riders cannot enter for a lower ticket.

4. What is Kings Island’s refund policy?

After the order transaction is over, admission tickets and Season Passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

This policy includes weather events. There aren’t available rainchecks. Check the weather before your trip.

5. At what age are children required to have an admission ticket?

Under the age of 3, an admission ticket is free.

6. What should I do if I experience an issue printing my tickets online?

Ticket Services is left of the Front Gate and can print your tickets. A photo ID and the order confirmation number are required for the same.

7. What happens if I lose or forget my season pass?

If you don’t have your season pass, visit one of the ticket windows at the Front Gate. With the proper ID, you can get a temporary pass.

The temporary pass is only useful for that day. There is a limit of three temporary passes per visitor per season.

After the third temporary pass, a price is charged to replace a lost, stolen, or forgotten season pass.

8. Does Kings Island offer a military discount?

Kings Island is pleased to offer discounted tickets to active and retired military members on public operating days.

Online discounts are valid for up to six family members. The discount may vary throughout the season.

9. Does Kings Island have ATMs?

The park has multiple ATMs, including one at the entrance for your ease.

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