Buy Buy Baby Price Match and Price Adjustment Policy [Updated]


Does Buy Buy Baby Match Prices or Adjust Prices?

Buy Buy Baby Price Match: Hey! People know that babies are pretty and costly, and Buy Buy BABY knows that parents need to save money on baby items.

So, the Buy Buy BABY Price Match Promise is a great way to make sure you can get everything you need at your favorite store and still get the best prices anywhere.

buy buy baby price match

If you are looking for a how Buy Buy BABY Price Match Policy works, its price adjustments, exclusions, and FAQs.

This article will clear all your dilemmas about the Buy Buy BABY Price Match and Price Adjustments.

Buy Buy Baby Price Match/Adjustment – Details

Companybuybuy BABY
Price Match/adjust?Yes
Time-frame:Up to 14 days after the date of purchase
Price Matches:Local retail competitors and major online retailers; buybuy BABY store locations will match buybuy BABY online prices.
Where to Redeem:In-store or via phone before or after your purchase

Does Buy Buy Baby Price Adjustment?

Yes. Buy Buy Baby keeps adjusting its prices for its customers. The company will change the price up to 14 days after the purchase.

Customers do have to give a copy of their invoice, receipt, or shipping confirmation.

Buy Buy Baby changes its prices if a customer finds a lower price from a competitor after the fact.

Moreover! Customers can ask for price changes in person or over the phone. As long as they can prove that the lower price is true, they should get a refund.

Are there any Exclusions to Price Match?

  • Limited-time offers
  • Closeouts
  • Clearance prices
  • Pricing errors in seasonal items
  • Promotional events
  • Available in stock

How to Request the Buy Buy BABY Price Matches on Your Own?

You can ask to match the price before or after you buy.

Request a Price Match In-store: show any salesperson the ad or website that has the lower price.

Request a Price Match On the phone: call 1-877-328-9222 and tell the customer service representative about the lower price you found online or in an ad from a competitor.

Price Matching Before Buy: If you do this before you buy the item and it meets the requirements for price matching, you’ll get the lower price when you check out.

Price Matching After Buy: If you buy an item and then find it for less somewhere else, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to ask for a price match.

In that case, give the following information to a salesperson or customer service agent:

Your purchase’s receipt, invoice, shipping information, an ad, or website from a competitor that shows a lower price for the same product


Best Offers: Sometimes, you might just happen to get a better deal. In other situations, it may take some time to look through the websites of competitors to find better deals.

You should also look at any coupons you have to see if they are a better deal than the price match.

Make sure that your item is the same make, model, size, and color as the one that is being sold for less somewhere else.

Buy Buy Baby’s Promise

Buy Buy Baby guarantees to give you the best price possible on first-quality items that are in stock. The company’s policies to match prices and make changes are still in place in 2021.


We hope this article has helped you because it tells you everything you need to know about Buy Buy Baby’s Price Matches and Adjusts, including what it doesn’t cover and what it does.

Please use the comment box to let us know if you find any mistakes as you read. We’ll be sure to get in touch with you soon.

Thanks! Have fun shopping!


Which Competitors Qualify for Buy Buy Baby’s Price Match Promise?

Buy Buy Baby’s price matches local retailers that sell the same products in-store and online.

Price matching includes online stores. but not individual, third-party, or marketplace merchants.

What if the competitor’s price comes with limitations and exclusions?

Buy Buy Baby will follow competitors’ limitations. For instance, Buy Buy Baby will only match a competitor’s price on two similar items if they limit the quantity.

What if Another Retailer Makes a Pricing Error?

Price differences that are caused by typos or other mistakes on the part of a competitor are not covered by Buy Buy Baby’s promise to match prices.

In these situations, the company does not have to match prices or make adjustments.

A Competitor is Giving Out Rain Checks for a Product and the Price is Lower. Will Buy Buy Baby Still Match the Price?

No, the price match promise only applies to products that are currently in stock at a competing store.

This rule doesn’t apply to online stores that sell items that are currently marked “out of stock.”

What if the price on Buy Buy Baby’s Website is lower than the Buy Buy Baby’s Store Price?

Any of Buy Buy Baby’s stores will honor the website price if it is lower.

Just tell a store employee that the price online is lower than the price on the store’s sign or price tag.

Can I Use a Buy Buy Baby Coupon with a Price Match?

If a Buy Buy Baby coupon lowers the price more than a competitor’s price match, the company will honor the coupon.

Also, if the customer uses a coupon and the price match brings the price down, the customer will get the price match.

What About Manufacturers’ Coupons?

Buy Buy Baby will match the price of the manufacturer’s coupons. So, a customer will pay the same price as the competitor and also get a discount from the coupon.

But coupons from competing stores or brands that have stores can’t be used with a match.


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