Best Universities for Digital Marketing in USA


If you’re passionate about digital marketing and want to know where the best places to study are in the USA, you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll explore some fantastic universities that excel in teaching digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field with numerous opportunities for professionals. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, the United States offers some of the best universities to help you achieve your goals.

These universities provide comprehensive programs and courses that cover various aspects of digital marketing, such as social media marketing, e-commerce, and data analytics. So, get ready to discover the best universities for digital marketing in the USA.

Top 10 Universities for Digital Marketing

Learning about marketing has been going on for a while, but digital marketing is a newer idea. The term “digital marketing” started in the early 90s, but it got popular in the early 2000s with the rise of the internet and social media.

Now, many schools teach digital marketing. Some have whole programs just for it, and others include it as a special part of their existing programs. We made a list of the best schools for digital marketing. If you go to one of these schools, you’ll learn what you need to become a digital marketer.

1. University of Northern Iowa (UNI)

The University of Northern Iowa is an excellent choice if you want a solid education in marketing and business, especially in digital marketing. In this program, you’ll learn a lot about digital marketing and also get a good understanding of business topics like economics, finance, and management.

University of Northern Iowa (UNI)

This mix can give you an advantage when you’re job hunting. The University of Northern Iowa is proud that 95% of digital marketing graduates quickly find jobs after finishing their studies.

If you’re from Iowa, the tuition at the University of Northern Iowa is $9,954 per year. For those from outside the state, it’s $21,108 per year.

2. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides a graduate degree program in digital marketing and advertising. This program is recognized for its practical approach, where students get hands-on experience in every step, from research and planning to putting things into action and assessing results.

University of Illinois

This includes learning about strategies such as SEO and email marketing, as well as getting familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For undergraduate students, the estimated tuition ranges from $17,704 to $36,068 for Illinois residents and for out-of-state students $49,500.

3. University of Southern California (USC)

The University of Southern California (USC) stands out as a leading institution for digital marketing in the USA. USC’s Marshall School of Business presents a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a focus on digital marketing, along with an online master’s program.

University of Southern California (USC)

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing at USC equips graduates with a solid foundational knowledge of creating and implementing contemporary digital marketing strategies, along with the application of analytics to these campaigns.

The tuition cost at the University of Southern California (USC) is $68,237, which includes both tuition and fees.

4. Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is famous for fashion, but it’s also great for digital marketing. They offer a four-year in-person program in Direct and Interactive Marketing.

Fashion Institute of Technology

If you like making connections, FIT is the place. They’re part of Marketing EDGE and the Direct Marketing Club of New York, both helping students grow in digital marketing. FIT also hosts a big career conference every year, where you can meet professionals and speakers.

If you’re from New York, tuition at FIT is $7,170 per year. For those out-of-state, it’s $21,692 per year.

5. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing program, known as RIT. US News has recognized this program as the top undergraduate business program in Western New York!

Rochester Institute of Technology

In this program, students learn about various aspects of marketing, including new media marketing, social media analytics, search engine optimization, and data visualization. To gain hands-on experience, students are required to complete a co-op term in the industry.

For tuition, RIT charges $56,135 per year for prospective students.

6. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is a top-ranked institution for digital marketing education. UConn School of Business offers a comprehensive and integrative approach to digital marketing and analytics, with a focus on experiential learning and research-based insights.

University of Connecticut

The Marketing Management major, which was formerly called Digital Marketing & Analytics, is available to Business students at the Hartford and Stamford campuses. The University of Connecticut’s tuition is $20,366 for in-state students and $43,034 for out-of-state students.

7. University of Michigan – Dearborn

The University of Michigan at Dearborn, in Michigan, has a program called Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing. It’s one of nine specializations in their BBA program.

University of Michigan

In this program, you learn important marketing skills that you can use for future jobs. They even suggest you study both Digital Marketing and Information Systems Management/Information Technology Management to be super prepared.

if you’re thinking of going to the University of Michigan at Dearborn it’s known for being the most affordable among 15 public Michigan universities. This means you can get a top-notch education at a fantastic price, with tuition set at $14,944 per year.


8. North Park University

North Park University in Chicago was one of the first schools in Illinois to provide a degree in digital marketing. They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing and are proud of their practical, hands-on approach to teaching marketing strategies that align with industry needs.

North Park University

The digital marketing curriculum at North Park also focuses on teaching students essential soft and hard skills required to succeed in the marketing industry. This includes skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and understanding and using new media.

For tuition at North Park University, it costs $610 per credit hour.

9. Wilmington University

Wilmington University in Delaware lets you choose whether to learn in a classroom or online. They have a program where you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a certificate in Digital Marketing together.

Wilmington University

In the marketing program at Wilmington, you learn important things for the industry. You can also do internships to get real job experience, which is great when you’re ready to start working.

Wilmington University’s tuition is more affordable because it’s based on the number of credits. One three-credit course costs about $1,227, and you need 120 credits to finish the program.

10. Mid-America Christian University

Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides both online and in-person options for a Bachelor of Science program in Digital Marketing. This program helps students acquire valuable and sought-after skills in areas like marketing analysis and automation, social media analysis, and search engine optimization.

Mid-America Christian University

Alongside learning digital marketing, students also get a good grasp of other business topics such as market economics, consumer behavior, accounting, and business finance. All of this is offered in a flexible format, allowing students to choose between in-person or online classes.

For tuition at Mid-America Christian University, it costs $28,960 per year.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing School for You?

When choosing the best digital marketing school, consider the following factors:

1. Accreditation and Reputation: Ensure the institute is accredited and has a good reputation in the industry. Look for professionals from the industry as instructors and a comprehensive curriculum covering essential digital marketing skills.

2. Curriculum Quality: Choose a school with an up-to-date and comprehensive curriculum that covers all essential digital marketing skills, such as SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics.

3. Updated Curriculum: Look for a school that offers an updated curriculum covering the latest strategies and techniques in the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape.

4. Student Reviews and Testimonials: Consider the feedback from current and past students to gauge the quality of the education and the learning experience.

5. Career Objectives: Identify your specific career goals within digital marketing to choose a school that offers courses catering to your objectives.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best digital marketing school that aligns with your career aspirations and provides a high-quality learning experience.

What are the Career Opportunities After Completing Digital Marketing in the USA?

After completing a digital marketing program in the USA, there are various career opportunities available. The digital marketing field is dynamic and offers a wide range of career options with the potential for high salaries and impact. Some of the job roles that individuals can pursue after completing a digital marketing program include:

  • Digital Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Content Managers & Strategists
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • Social Media Marketing Managers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Analytics Managers
  • E-commerce Managers
  • Web and Graphic Designers

What are the Salaries for Graduates with Digital Marketing in the USA?

Graduates with a digital marketing degree in the USA can expect various salary ranges depending on their experience level and job role. Here are some average salaries for different digital marketing positions:

Digital Marketing CareersAverage Base Salary
Digital Marketing Specialist$54,819
Digital Marketing Manager$78,232
Content Manager$71,423
Social Media Marketing Manager$60,359
SEO Specialist$66,073
Analytics Manager$66,073
E-commerce Manager$66,073
Web and Graphic Designer$66,073
Director of Digital Marketing$209,467


Q: Which degree is best for Digital Marketing?

The best degree for digital marketing is typically a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, or a related field.

Q: Which university has the Best Digital Media or Marketing Program?

According to multiple sources, the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has the best digital media and marketing program.

Q: How long will I have to study Digital Marketing?

The duration to study digital marketing varies, but it often takes around 2 to 4 years to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing or a related field.

Q: Is it worth doing a digital marketing course?

Yes, doing a digital marketing course is a really good idea. Digital marketing is a job area that’s growing fast, and if you learn the skills, it can open up many job opportunities for you. The course will teach you the basics, give you practical skills, and help you understand how things work in the industry.


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