P&O Drinks Packages


Going on a fun journey with P&O Cruises is a great adventure. You can relax, explore, and enjoy yourself. One cool way to make your trip even better is by getting P&O Drinks Packages.

These packages have lots of drinks to choose from, like wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic ones. In this article, we’ll tell you all about these packages and how they can make your cruise awesome.

P&O Drinks Packages

Come with us on this journey to discover delicious P&O Drink Packages and have a fantastic time at sea!

P&O Drinks Packages – Updated 2023

When you set sail with P&O, you’re presented with a variety of drinks packages to choose from. These packages are designed to cater to different tastes, preferences, and budgets.

Let’s explore the different P&O drinks packages in detail.

P&O Spirits, Cognac And Cocktail Package

Captain Morgan Rum 25ml£4.00
Cosmopolitan £7.95
Raspberry and Hazelnut Brulee  £6.95
Salcombe Gin 25ml£4.50
Bombay Saphire25ml£4.15
Grey Goose Vodka25ml£4.25
Johnnie Walker Black Label £4.35
Bell’s £4.15
Glenfiddich £4.35
Jameson Irish £4.15
Glenmorangie £4.35
Remy Martin £8.50
Martell V.S.O.P £4.35
Still or Sparkling Water can £1.95

P&O Wine And Champagne Package

Pinot Grigio, Italylarge£8.50
Sauvignon Blanclarge£9.50
small£ 6.75
Zinfandel Roselarge£7.75
Cabernet Sauvignonlarge£7.00
Taittinger Rose Champagneglass£8.95

P&O Beer Package

Fosters £4.95
Stella Artoispint£5.00
Budweiser330ml bottle£4.50
Old Speckled Hen500ml£4.75
Guinness draught can440 ml can£4.75
John Smiths £4.95
IPAper pint£5.15
Aspall Cyder £5.15
Thatchers Gold £5.15
Westons Britpop Cider £5.15
Rekorderling Fruit Cider £5.15

P&O Soft Drinks, Tea And Coffee Package

Pepsi or Diet PepsiRegular£2.25
J20 £2.95
San Pellegrino Lemon £2.50
Spring still or sparkling500ml£1.95
Additionally a wide section of Mocktails £3.50
Cafe LatteRegular£2.60
Hot ChocolateRegular£2.80
Speciality Tea £2.30

About P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises is a British cruise line operating seven ships that offer an array of cruises around the globe. The company was established in 1837 and has a long and successful heritage in the maritime sector.

P&O Cruises is known for its modern amenities, top eating options, and a wide selection of entertainment on board.

The ships have a wide range of cabin choices to meet various budgets and preferences such as suites, balcony cabins, and even interior cabins.

About P&O Cruises

In addition to the traditional cruise excursions, P&O Cruises also offers themed cruises as well as special occasions, like music festivals wine and food cruises, and cruises during the festive season.


The company has a firm commitment to sustainability. Its focus is on reducing the amount of waste and carbon emissions promoting responsible tourism and assisting local communities.

P&O Cruises also partners with various organizations and charities that give back to communities that it visits.

All in all, P&O Cruises is a preferred option for British cruisers. They offer a superior cruising experience, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and satisfaction of customers.

What is Included in the P&O Drinks Packages?

The P&O drink package in Australia provides unlimited glasses of wine, beer, and spirits. It can also include soft drinks, juices, and hot beverages like tea and coffee.

You can use the package at any restaurant or bar aboard the vessel, making it a great alternative for those who plan to enjoy a wide range of beverages during their cruise.

It’s important to know that some special drinks and premium wines might not come with the drink package and might require a separate purchase.

In general, this P&O drinks package offers many different beverages for guests to drink throughout their cruise.

What are the Best Alcoholic Drinks on the P&O Drink Packages?

The P&O drinks menu in Australia offers a variety of alcohol-based drinks that can satisfy different tastes.

A few of the popular choices are classic cocktails such as mojitos and margaritas along with cocktails that are unique to the mixologists aboard.

Wine enthusiasts can choose from a variety of reds, whites, and sparkling wines from around the world. Drinkers who like beer can enjoy local and international brews.

whiskey and Gin drinkers can try a range of the top brands. The final decision on the best alcohol available on the P&O menu of beverages will depend on each individual’s preferences. However, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Do the P&O Packages Include Any Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes, it is true that you can. The P&O beverages package available in Australia includes non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks juices, as well as hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Customers who do not drink alcohol may still have unlimited drinks throughout their cruise by taking advantage of P&O’s P&O drink package.

This is a fantastic choice for families with kids or those who enjoy drinks that are not alcoholic. In addition, the drink package could include certain specialty non-alcoholic cocktails.

The guests can look through the specifics in the packages to find out the specific drinks that are included. In general, this P&O drinks package includes an array of drinks that guests can adapt to different tastes.

Can I Order Custom-Made Drinks on a P&O Cruise?

Can I Order Custom-Made Drinks on a P&O packages?

Yes, you can buy personalized cocktails onboard P&O cruises. P&O cruise. The skilled and knowledgeable bartenders on board can create a variety of drinks customized to your preferences and tastes.

They are also able to alter drinks listed on the menu to accommodate your preferences, for instance by making use of or removing ingredients.

Remember that you may also need to remove some custom-made drinks from the drink package and make additional purchases if necessary.

Bartenders may ask about the cost of any drink they order. The general rule is that P&O ships offer an outstanding selection of beverages and bartenders will customize orders as often as possible.

What Happens If I Lose My P&O Drinks Packages Card?

If you’ve lost the P&O drinks package while on the cruise, it is important to immediately notify the staff at the reception counter on board or the bar staff.

They’ll be able to remove credit from the account, and then issue you a new one. In the meantime, you may be required to pay for drinks you buy until the replacement card arrives. It is crucial to keep your drink packages secure and safe at sea to avoid headaches.

Additionally, certain P&O cruises allow you to link your beverage package to the cruise card, which you can use for any purchases on the ship.

This is a fantastic option because you’ll only need to have to carry one credit card. If, in the end, you want to get rid of the P&O drinks package, don’t be concerned, because the crew of the ship will assist you with another option.

What are the Opening Hours of Bars on a P&O Cruise?

The hours for bars on the P&O cruise can vary based on the cruise ship and the itinerary However, most bars are open throughout the majority of the day and into the evening.

On days when the sea is in full swing bars can start early in the morning, and remain open late into the evening, whereas on days when ports are closed bars might have reduced hours.

Certain bars might also offer different hours of operation based on what day it is, or the specific theme or event. Visitors can consult the daily cruise calendar or contact the staff on the ship for specific hours for bars onboard.

Some bars also be open longer for special activities or events like live music or themed events. In general, passengers can choose from many beverages and bars while on cruises like the P&O cruise ship and can adjust hours that can be adapted to their requirements.

Is the P&O Drinks Packages Worth It?

Is the P&O Drinks Packages Worth It?

It is believed that the P&O drinks package is an affordable choice for guests planning to indulge in a range of alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks during their cruise.

The package allows guests are able to enjoy endless drinks at a certain cost, and not have to worry about the cost of each drink. This is especially appealing for those who love drinks, premium spirits, or even a glass of wine after dinner.

But, whether or not the package of drinks is worth it is dependent on the individual’s preference and drink habits. If you don’t intend to drink a lot of alcohol or prefer to pay for your drinks on the travel may discover that the package doesn’t give great value for money.

Also, you should consider the days and port days when guests are away from the ship since they might not drink as much alcohol during these times.

In the end, passengers should examine their consumption habits and preferences before making a decision on whether it is worth the P&O packages for drinks are worth the cost to them.

If you plan on drinking various drinks during your cruise might find the package provides excellent value for money. But those who do not would prefer to purchase drinks separately.

P&O Cruise Contact Information

P&O Cruise Contact Information

Official Website: www.pocruises.com.au

Call from Australia:  13 24 94
Call from New Zealand: 0800 78 0716

For media enquiries from Australia and New Zealand please contact +61 2 8326 4111.

You can also contact the team at P&O Cruise Australia by using the contact form on their website.

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM AEST
Saturday: 8 AM – 5 PM AEST
Sunday: Closed

P&O Cruise’s Social Media Handles

P&O Cruise Social Media Handles

FAQs – P&O Drinks Menu Australia


How can I purchase the P&O drinks packages?

You can purchase the drinks package online prior to your cruise. Or onboard the ship at the bars or reception desk.

Can I share my drinks packages with others?

No, the drinks package is for individual use only and cannot be shared with others.

Is there a limit to how many drinks I can order with the P&O drink packages?

No, there is no limit to the number of drinks you can order with the drinks package.

Are there any exclusions from the P&O drink packages?

Yes, some premium drinks and rare spirits are not included in the drinks package. And will need to be paid for separately.

Can I use the drinks package at the private island resort owned by P&O?

Yes, the drinks package can be used at P&O’s private island resort, but exclusions may apply.


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