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Pluckers Menu Prices – Updated

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Pluckers Menu Prices

Actually, we put a lot of effort into providing the latest Menu Price for Pluckers for your ease. Further, we have given the link for ordering online, and home delivery with other details.

Current Pluckers Menu With Prices

Here, Pluckers Restaurant’s Menu and its Pricing are taken from its official site. So without any hesitation, you can trust blindly on our article.

Moreover, the restaurant can modify its menu and prices at any time without any intimation.

So, before visiting the outlet, you need to contact the restaurant or visit its official site.

Pluckers Pregame Menu Prices

Fried PicklesIt’s our #1 selling appetizer. Try a full or half order.
Holy MacaroniAt Pluckers, we fry everything- even Macaroni and Cheese.$10.00
Appetizer Sampler6 Buffalo bites, 4 fried pickles, 4 holy macaroni, and 2 fried cheese. Sorry. No substitutions for your dipping sauces online.$17.50
Buffalo Bites
8 oz. of hand-breaded, bite-sized versions of our boneless wings. Tossed in your favorite wing sauce.$9.50
Fried CheeseGiant blocks of our fresh mozzarella cheese deep fried in our homemade breading.$9.50
Blue Cheese Potato ChipsTopped with bacon, blue cheese, chopped tomatoes, and green onions.$9.50
Waffles N’ CheeseWaffle fries smothered in Monterrey jack, cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and jalapenos. Try a full or half order.$5.50
Chips &
We’d be run outta the South if we didn’t have this on the menu.$8.00
Pluckers NachosAn old favorite makes its return. Tortilla chips topped with chicken.$12.00
Pluckers TotchosJust like Pluckers Nachos, but substitute tortilla chips with Tater Tots!


Pluckers FrachosJust like Pluckers Nachos, but substitute tortilla chips with Waffle Fries!$13.50

Pluckers Salads Menu Prices

Choose from Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, Chunky Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Green Goddess, Classic Caesar, Balsamic Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and Fat-Free Roasted Bell Pepper.

Buffalo Chicken SaladA garden salad with chopped chicken tenders tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Bacon and cheese upon request.$14.00
Honey BBQ Chicken ChopA salad full of crunch featuring crisp lettuce, grilled chicken, diced tomato, black beans, corn, our own Honey BBQ sauce, and topped with tortilla strips and onion straws.$14.00
Southwest CaesarYour choice of grilled or fried chicken on top of romaine, black beans, corn, tortilla strips, onion straws, and Classic Caesar dressing.$14.00
Blue Cheese Chicken CobbGrilled chicken, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, tortilla strips, tomatoes, and cabbage all neatly stacked on top of crisp lettuce.$14.00
Grilled Chicken Garden SaladGrilled chicken, iceberg, romaine, diced tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, and garlic croutons. Bacon and cheese upon request.$14.00
Traditional Chicken Caesar$14.00
Caesar Salad$9.50
Garden Salad –$9.50

Pluckers Boneless Wings Menu Prices

Just like our Wings with Bones but bigger, battered, and boneless.

Boneless Wing Basket1 lb of hand-breaded chicken tenders tossed in your favorite wing sauce and a side.$16.00
Monster Boneless Wing BasketJust like its truck counterpart, this monster is bigger and badder. 1.5 lbs of delicious tenders and a side.$23.50
Naked Boneless Wing Basket1 lb of our fresh chicken tenders cooked on the grill served with a side.$16.00
Monster Naked Boneless Wing BasketJust like its truck counterpart, this monster is bigger and badder. 1.5 lbs of delicious tenders and a side.$23.50
Beyond Meat Tender Basket1/2 pound of meatless “chicken” tenders tossed in your favorite wing sauce and a side.$14.00
Buffalo Bites EntréeThe full meal size of our Buffalo Bites appetizer. 12 oz. of hand-breaded, bite-sized versions of our boneless wings. Tossed in your favorite wing sauce and served with a side.$13.50
50 Piece – Boneless$130.00
100 Piece – Boneless$260.00
50 Piece – Buffalo Bites$35.00
100 Piece – Buffalo Bites$70.00

Pluckers Wings Menu Prices

5 WingsAre you ordering for Nana?$8.50
10 WingsSingle$17.00
15 WingsI’m Pluckin’ starvin’$25.00
20 WingsDouble$34.00
50 WingsShow off…$85.00
100 WingsMUTHA PLUCKA!$170.00
5 All DrumsAre you ordering for Nana?$9.00
10 All DrumsSingle$18.00
15 All DrumsI’m Pluckin’ starvin’$26.50
20 All DrumsDouble$36.00
50 All DrumsShow off…$90.00
5 All FlappersAre you ordering for Nana?$9.00
10 All FlappersSingle$18.00
15 All FlappersI’m Pluckin’ starvin’$26.50
20 All FlappersDouble$36.00
50 All FlappersShow off…$90.00

Pluckers Wing Combos Menu Prices

Coated in your choice of sauce, Served with your choice of side.

5 Wing Combo$12.00
10 Wing Combo$19.50
15 Wing Combo$27.50
5 All Drums Combo$12.50
10 All Drums Combo$20.50
15 All Drums Combo$29.00
5 All Flappers Combo$12.50
10 All Flappers Combo$20.50
15 All Flappers Combo$29.00

Pluckers Sandwiches Menu Prices

South Philly CheesesteakSmothered in grilled onions and queso.$14.00
Chicken CheesesteakThinly sliced chicken smothered in grilled onions and queso.$14.00
Mom’s Grilled CheeseTexas toast smothered in butter melted American cheese, and maternal love. Thanks, Mom.$10.00
Sean’s BLT6 strips of bacon, lettuce, mayo, and a slice of fresh tomato.$12.50
Veggie SandwichSautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions topped with melted cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and sliced avocado served on our hoagie roll.$11.00
Buffalo Chicken SandwichCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE$14.00

Pluckers Burgers Menu Prices

All of these burgers are cooked medium well. Served with your choice of side.

The Bypass Burger

Whoever said Pluckers was healthy? A hamburger topped with bacon, cheese, grilled onions, jalapeños, and Pluckers Sauce. All of our burgers are cooked medium well. Served with your choice of side.$14.50
Honey BBQ Burger

Our burger is tossed in Honey BBQ sauce and covered with cheese and grilled onions. All of our burgers are cooked medium well. Served with your choice of side.$13.50
The Dirty Patty Melt

A classic with a fresh hamburger patty sliced American cheese, and grilled onions served on Texas toast. All of our burgers are cooked medium well. Served with your choice of side.$13.50
Boring Burger

Boring compared to everything else, but wait until you taste the Pluckers Sauce on it! All of our burgers are cooked medium well. Served with your choice of side.$13.50
Impossible Burger

A burger made entirely from plants but tastes like meat! Comes with your choice of cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, and Pluckers sauce.$15.50

Pluckers Hot Dogs Menu Prices

1/4 lb Wagyu beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Served with your choice of side.

Red, Hot, & Blue

Topped with Buffalo Medium sauce, blue cheese, and grilled onions.$13.00
The Beav

Topped with Honey BBQ sauce, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese.$13.00
The Kitchen Sink

Topped with Plucker’s housemade macaroni and cheese, spicy ranch seasoning, and grilled onions.$13.00

Pluckers The Sideline Menu Prices

Homemade Potato ChipsFreshly cooked chips served with homemade blue cheese dressing.$3.50
Waffle FriesThe best fries anywhere, period!
Buffalo Fries$4.50
Tater Tots$3.50
Macaroni and Cheese$4.00
Sweet Potato FriesWaffle cut and tossed in cinnamon and sugar.$4.00
Side Caesar Salad –$6.00
Side Garden Salad  –$5.50
Side of House-Made Ranch
Side of House-Made Blue Cheese
Side of Signature Sauce2oz of one of our wet signature sauces$1.00

Pluckers Kids Menu Prices

Kids Mac and Cheese$6.50
Kids Grilled CheeseJust like mom makes at home$6.50
Kids’ Naked Boneless WingsFresh chicken tenders cooked on the grill$6.50
Kids Buffalo BitesLike nuggets for your little nugget.$6.50
Kids Corn Dog$6.50

Pluckers Drinks Menu Prices

Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea$2.09
Fresh Brewed Regular Tea$1.99
Fresh Brewed Lemonade$2.09
Fresh Brewed Strawberry Lemonade$2.25
Bottled Diet Coke$2.50
Bottled Sprite$2.50
Bottled Dr. Pepper$2.50
Bottled Water$1.50
Bottled Coke$2.50
Gallon Unsweet Tea$6.00
Gallon Sweet Tea$6.00
Gallon Lemonade$9.00
Gallon Strawberry Lemonade$11.00

Pluckers Bottled Beer Menu Prices

Alcohol must be accompanied by a food purchase.

Bud Light$2.00
Miller Lite$2.00
Coors Light$2.00
Michelob Ultra$2.25
Dos Equis$3.00
White Claw Black Cherry$2.75
White Claw Mango$2.75
Truly Wild Berry$2.75

Pluckers Bottled Sauces Menu Prices

Fire in the HoleTake home a bottle of Fire in the Hole$4.99
Bottle HotTake home a bottle of Hot$4.99
Bottle MediumTake home a bottle of Medium$4.99
Bottle MildTake home a bottle of Mild$4.99
Bakers GoldTake home a bottle of Bakers Gold$4.99
Bottle Hallelujah BBQTake home a bottle of Hallelujah BBQ$4.99
Bottle Honey BBQTake home a bottle of Honey BBQ$4.99
Bottle Ginger Peach SrirachaTake home a bottle of Ginger Peach Sriracha$4.99
Bottle GochujangTake home a bottle of Gochujang$4.99
Jamango JerkTake home a bottle of Jamango Jerk$4.99
 Bottle MangoneroTake home a bottle of Mangonero$4.99
Bottle Maple ChipotleTake home a bottle of Maple Chipotle$4.99
Bottle SesameTake home a bottle of Sesame$4.99
Bottle Spicy BBQTake home a bottle of Spicy BBQ$4.99
Bottle Spicy MandarinTake home a bottle of Spicy Mandarin$4.99
Bottle TeriyakiTake home a bottle of Teriyaki$4.99
Bottle Vampire KillerCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE$4.99

Disclaimer: This website’s menu may not be current or the same in all corporate locations. Contact the business to know about current prices.

Pluckers Hours

Monday11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m
Tuesday11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m
Wednesday11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m
Thursday11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m
Friday11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m
Saturday11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m
Sunday:11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m

Pluckers Nutritional Menu

Nutritional Info

Pluckers Allergen Menu

Allergen Info

Pluckers Order Online

Click on the Order Online button given on its official site and

Further, you can get the prices and order online using Grubhub and Ubereats.

Pluckers Delivery Near Me

Get the Pluckers menu items you love delivered to your door with Doordash, Postmates, Swiggy, and Zomato.

Pluckers Customer Service

  • Pluckers Corporate Office Address: 11066 Pecan Park Blvd Unit G, Cedar Park, TX 7 8 6 1 378613
  • Pluckers Customer Service Phone: (512) 258-9464

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FAQs For Pluckers Menu Prices

What is Baker Gold at Pluckers?

Baker’s Gold is the most important flavor to them. Baker’s Gold takes the just-okay Goldrush and Buffalo Medium sauces and makes them better. It captures the creative spirit of the chain and makes it perfect. It’s a little bit sweet a little bit sour a little bit salty and a little bit spicy, and it’s all good.

Are Pluckers better than Buffalo Wild Wings?

I really like Buffalo Wild Wings but Pluckers is a lot better if you want boneless wings. The wings are a lot Bigger and taste much better with more chicken and less batter.

What are Pluckers famous for?

Pluckers, a sports bar, and restaurant that started in Austin and is known for its wings, just moved to Houston and set up shop at 1400 Shepherd. Two students at the University of Texas made the tasty wing bar in their dorm room.

When do Pluckers close?

Pluckers serve from 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. every day.


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