Home Depot Price Adjustment & Price Match Policy [2024]


Does Home Depot Price Match?

Are you curious to know whether or not Home Depot Price Match? Absolutely! Yes. Home Depot Price Matching is an excellent way to save money.

On the surface, the Home Depot price match policy seems pretty straightforward. But this isn’t very simple.

This blog will be indeed helpful to you. Home Depot’s Price Match Guarantee program is beneficial to customers to save time and stress.

Home Depot Price Match Policy

Here all your dilemmas will clear, like how long the Home Depot price matches after purchase? What is the exclusion in price match? How can I request a Home Depot Price Adjustment & Price Match?

Home Depot Price Match Policy Details

CompanyHome Depot
Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:Not specified
Price Matches:Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, local hardware shops
Exclusions:Seasonal, clearance, liquidation, custom orders, third-party website orders, professional services, rebates or free offers, membership-based retail, competitor bid pricing, financed offers
Where to redeem:Online and pre-checkout on in-store purchases

Does Home Depot Match Price After Purchasing?

Obviously! Home Depot offers 30 days for a matching price after shopping. However, they also have exclusions.

Customers can price-match products with Home Depot either online or in-store.

That is, assuming you have a receipt and evidence that the item is cheaper elsewhere.

When you price match after you’ve made your purchase, they’ll refund you the difference.

What About an Online (HomeDepot.com) Price Match?

Yes, Home Depot.com will match a lower online price with its competitor.

But, yes! Items must also be available on the other website and be able to be sent to your home.

Further, remember that they will match the lower price, but they won’t beat it by 10%.

More! You can do it by calling Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 or starting a live chat on their website.

The representative will check the prices and help you place the order. In addition, The price match will include shipping expenses.

Also, When price matching Amazon.com, things must be offered by Amazon, not a 3rd party seller.

What Products are Excluded from a Home Depot Price Matching?

There are some essential items exclusions given below:

  • Open-box
  • Reconditioned
  • Refurbished items
  • Previously discounted items
  • Custom/special order products
  • Volume/wholesale discount pricing
  • Items from third-party sites or discount site
  • Bid and auction sites
  • Misprints of ads
  • Pricing from membership-based stores (Costco, Sam’s Club)
  • Price matching on financed terms
  • Competitor pricing for services & labor
  • Sales tax is excluded
  • Rebates
  • Free offers
  • Bundles and one-time-only offers

How To Price Match at Home Depot?

Looking for how to request a Home Depot price match?

In fact, there are two types of price matches at Home Depot: In-store & Online

We started the processes below for your easiness.

Price Match Online – In only 3 Steps

Here’s how to price match HomeDepot.com.

  1. Find the exact item (color, size, brand, etc.) on the website of Home Depot’s competitors. Make sure that the item can be shipped to your area.
  2. Show evidence to Home Depot’s customer support that the competitor’s price is lower. The shipping costs are calculated while the price match.
  3. Home Depot will match the price after verification. Now, you can buy the item from them instead.

Price Match In-Store – In only 4 steps

Don’t waste your time & look here at how you can price match at Home Depot‘s Store.

  1. First, collect proof that the same product is cheaper elsewhere before you go to the shop.
  2. Next, you can show them a printout, a website, or an ad.
  3. Then, Go to the Home Depot near you and talk to the customer service desk or an employee.
  4. Give them time to verify whether the product is identical or not. If everything is well, you will get a discount on the product.

Remember: You can still get refunded the difference up to 30 days after buying something.

What is Home Depot’s Price Adjustment Policy?

If you purchase a product from Home Depot and you find the same product at a lower cost elsewhere.

In that case, the Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy gives 30 days to claim a partial refund.

In addition, suppose you purchase an item and the same item goes on the deal within 30 days.

Simply, just visit the outlet along with the receipt & proof & show it to the Customer support team.

Definitely, the Store will refund the difference in price if the item is identical.

What is more! Home Depot has a price-guaranteed-optimized credit card payment method.

Therefore, the Credit card company provides a refund of the price difference.

Using this you can get a refund within 30-60 days after the purchase.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

If you are talking about online purchases, then our answer is “Yes” otherwise no.

Home Depot will price-match Amazon. Make sure the item is sold by Amazon (can’t be 3rd party seller).

Let’s talk about in-store purchases, the store manager can decide whether to accept a price match with Amazon.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco?

Mostly, Home Depot doesn’t match prices on items from Costco. The primary reason is Costco buying needs a membership.

Also, Home Depot won’t match the prices of items sold at stores with memberships.

Plus, since you pay for a membership, Costco things are cheaper. Indeed, Home Depot won’t match discounts.

Does Home Depot Price Match Target?

Yeah Sure. Target is just one of many stores whose prices Home Depot will match.

Home Depot will price match a similar item from another retailer.

This cover Target products that match Home Depot’s item perfectly & in stock.

Do They offer Price Match Plus 10 Percent?

For many years, Home Depot price-matched plus 10%. Nonetheless, the 10% “price beat” was discontinued in 2020.

Nevertheless, some Home Depot in Canada still give an extra 10 percent discount.

However, negotiating a lower price never hurts. Ask whether their price matches +10% at your local store when you present proof.

What About Price Matching on Black Friday?

Unexpectedly, Yes. Because most of the stores are not price-matching on Black Friday.

Hence, if you find a killer discount at Lowe’s on Black Friday, Home Depot won’t only match it, but they’ll beat it by 10%.

That’s why next Black Friday is a great time to buy tools and hardware.


To sum up, Home Depot’s Price Match. There are some exclusions you need to know which are given above.

Also, Home Depot offers a price adjustment & return policy. Due to that you can enjoy your shopping & save more.

In this pillar, We have described all the points. Still, if you find any important topic remains, let us know via the comment box.

Thanks!!! Nice to see you here.


Does Home Depot offer a Price Match?

Yeah, Home Depot’s price matches its competitors. For an identical item in all aspects (Brand, Size, Color, and Model Number).

Also, the item must be in stock in both stores.

Does Home Depot offer a Price Match plus 10 percent?

No. From 2020, Home Depot’s discontinued price match plus 10 percent.

Does Home Depot have a 30-day price match guarantee?

Yes, Home Depot will match prices retroactively. This can be between 30 and 180 days depending on the item you purchased.

Does Home Depot Price Adjust?

Absolutely, Yes. Home Depot generally price adjusts for items within its return policy. Depending on the item you can apply to get a partial refund.

Does Home Depot Have Any Limitations?

Home Depot’s Price Match Policy also has some limitations that you can get detailed from our article above.

Do They Price Match Amazon?

Sure. Home Depot’s price matches Amazon’s. The item must be sold & shipped by Amazon directly.

Do They Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Home Depot’s price matches Walmart’s.

Will Home Depot refund if the price drops?

Yes, Home Depot will refund the difference. You can apply for a refund as long as you are in the return period.


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