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Gander Price Match and Adjustment Policy

Hey! Are you a regular customer at Gander and do you like saving? Obviously yes! The  Gander Mountain Price Match is the best for saving more.

Now, The Gander Price Match lets you know about the best deals you can take advantage of.

Gander Mountain Price Match Policy

Want to know more about Gander Mountain’s policy on matching prices? Then you’re in the right place to learn how to use it to your own benefit.

So, let’s find out how people can save more money by using this price-match policy.

Does Gander Mountain Price Match?

Gander Price Matching is available, and it can save you money if you find the product at a lower price. Here is a summary of their price-matching policy.

Price MatchYes
In-StoreWithin 14 days of purchase
OnlineWithin 30 days of purchase
Price Matches ToNot Available
ExclusionsSpecial orders
Holiday sales
Cyber week sales
Online-only retailers
Firearms and more
Where to RedeemIn-store or by phone

Does Gander Outdoors/Gander Mountain match prices in-store?

Yes. Gander Mountain matches in-store prices. To ask for a price match, you should go to their store with proof that a different store has a lower price.

Does Gander Mountain match online prices?

Yes. Gander Mountain price matches online. If you find the same item at a competitor for less money, they will check to make sure it is the same item and match the price.

Gander Mountain Price Match Requirements:

The item must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a price match. Here are the price match rules for Gander Mountains:

  1. The item must be the same at both Gander Mountains and the other store.
  2. To ask for a price match, you should make sure that the item is in stock at both.
  3. Gander Mountains and the store where it was bought.

Gander Mountain Price Match Exclusions

Some products are excluded from price matching at Gander Mountain and are therefore not eligible for that. What’s left out is as follows:

These products cannot be price-matched:

  1. The special orders.
  2. The rebates.
  3. The misprints.
  4. Clearance items.
  5. Closeout items.
  6. The used items.
  7. The financing offers.
  8. Gifts with purchase offers.
  9. Services.
  10. The damaged items.
  11. The returned items.
  12. These holiday offers are not price-matched:
  13. Thanksgiving offers or discounts.
  14. The Cyber Week offers.

Gander Mountain Price Match Process:

The price match process at Gander Outdoors is simple. But it would help if you learned how to request a price match. Here is the process:


In-Store Process – 2 steps

  • If you find the same item at a competitor’s store for less money, you should bring proof of the lower price to a Gander Outdoors store.
  • They will price match for you after verifying the item and pricing.

Online Process – 3 steps

  • To get the price match online, you should call customer service at 1-888-542-6337.
  • Then you should show their staff the ad and links for the cheaper price at a competitor and tell them about it.
  • Once their representative checks the item, if the item is eligible for the price match, they will match the price for you.

Does Gander Mountain Price Adjustment?

Gander’s written policy doesn’t allow for price adjustment.

However, the company will refund the price difference if an item is sold for less than 14 days of purchase, according to the website.

It’s easy to Adjust Prices at Gander. It would be best to know exactly how to ask for a price adjustment. How does it work?

Process In-store:

  • If you buy something from Gander Outdoors and the price of the same item at a competitor goes down within 14 days in-store or 30 days online.
  • You can ask Gander Outdoors to change the price.
  • They will check the item and give you a refund for the difference in price as soon as possible.

Process Online:

  • If you buy something online from Gander Outdoors and change your mind or find it cheaper somewhere else within 14 days, you can return it for a full refund.
  • Use the number 1-888-542-6337 to get in touch with their customer service.
  • Once you contact them, they will confirm the item and its price and give you a full refund for the price difference as soon as they can.

Gander Mountain Return Policy

Gander Mountain lets its customers return items.

According to Gander Mountain’s Return Policy, you have 60 days from the date you bought an item to send it back.

Only if the item is still in the same condition as when you bought it can you get your money back.

Gander Mountain makes it easy for customers to return things they bought in-store or online.


We hope you now have all the information you require regarding Gander’s Match-up and Adjust Policies.

If not, please get in touch with us in the comments. To make purchasing enjoyable for everyone, we are always delighted to respond to your inquiries.

FAQs For Gander Mountain Price Match

Does Gander Outdoors/Mountain offer a Price Match?

Sure! Gander matches prices. But there are some exceptions you need to follow.

When did the first Gander Mountain start?

The first Gander Mountain store opened in Wilmot, Wisconsin, in the United States in 1960.

Who’s in charge of the Gander Outdoors?

The people who own Gander Mountain are not public.

How much money will be taken off when I return?

When you send it back, 20% will be taken off the total.

What is the number for Gander Mountain’s customer service?

The customer service number for Gander Mountain is tel:18662576543.


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