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  1. Today I was going to do the walk in order but the restaurant was close and only drive thru open. I had order the lunch box (shrimp taco 🌮). I was very disappointed. I did not get my shrimp tacos. I had already drive far out so I did not turn around. Beside the drive thru line was to long.

  2. My second time to el pollo loco and they still get my order wrong. First time I did a drive thru, I had order lunch box with shrimp tacos. When I open up the box I find 2 bags of chips and not shrimp tacos. My second visit I had order inside restaurant the same thing lunch box shrimp tacos. Instead of shrimp tacos I got chicken tacos. Very disappointed. I like their foods. But not happy with customer service. It’s like they’re not paying attention to the order and put/place inside the box or in the bag.

  3. 1st and Harbor location, it should never take 20 minutes for a three piece meal, I was not happy !!!!!!

  4. Why does pollo loco promote chicken and when you arrive they don’t have what your ordering, same goes for salsas in general … I was told we ran out …. My question is why is pollo loco not prepay for the high demand…another thing … pollo loco employees need customer service training or just close

  5. I ordered 8 piece chicken on Store # 6095. I was given old chicken
    Dry and hard. I had to throw out the chicken. It’s beyond consumption.

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