Dick's Sporting Goods Price Match Policy [You Need To Know All] ❤️

Dick’s Sporting Goods Price Match Policy [You Need To Know All]

Dick’s Price Match and Adjustment Policy

If you are wondering whether Dick’s Price Match or not, you are arriving at an excellent place.

We will answer the questions, “Does Dick’s Price Match?” and “Does Dick’s Adjust Prices?

Along with these two questions, we will also talk about how long you have to file for your refund if there are any exceptions, and more.


Read this article carefully, if you want to know how to save money at Dick’s. Let’s get started without further ado.

Does Dick’s offer a Price Match Guarantee?

Yes. Dick’s offers a price match guarantee to make sure their customers always get the lowest price while still getting their SCORECARD points.

With Dick’s Best Price Guarantee, you can save money and worry less about how much your gear costs so you can spend more time using it.

It doesn’t matter if the price is normal or on sale. If a qualifying store sells the same item for less, Dick’s will the lower price. This keeps Dick’s from falling behind its competitors.

Dick’s Price Match Policy – Details

CompanyDick’s Sporting Goods
Price Match?Yes
Time-frameWithin 14 days of purchase
Where to redeemIn-store and online

Who are the Qualified Competitors For Dick’s Price Matching?

  • Academy Sports
  • Adidas
  • Amazon (does not include 3rd party resellers)
  • Bass Pro Shop/Cabela’s
  • Big 5
  • Champs
  • Dunham’s
  • Eastbay
  • Edwin Watts
  • Fanatics
  • Finish Line
  • Foot Locker
  • Hibbett
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Nike
  • Nordstrom
  • PGA Superstores
  • Scheels
  • Sportsman Warehouse
  • Target
  • Under Armour
  • Walmart
  • Your local retailer (located within 25 miles of your local Dick’s)

Criteria for Dick’s Sporting Goods Price Match

It’s time to talk about the last things you need to do to get your money back.

  • Same Product: Prices are only matched if the items are the same (brand, model number, color, and size).
  • Competitors: Not every competitor is the same! Make sure that the store or website you are comparing with is a good one. (The complete list is above.)
  • Criteria for Eligibility: Some products, brands, or dates may not be eligible for price matching. Read on to see the whole list.
  • Proof of Price: Be ready to show that a competitor is offering a lower price. This could be a current ad, a website, or a marketing email.

How to Claim Dick’s Price Match Guarantee? 

Finding a recently bought item cheaper elsewhere might be upsetting. Dick’s will up to 14 days after purchase from qualified sellers.

Dick’s offers two ways to price-match the items listed below:

Price Match at Dick’s – In-store

  • Familiar with Dick’s list price-matching retailers.
  • Find a similar product at an eligible retailer. You want the same brand, model number, and color as Dick’s.
  • Save the ad or website with lower pricing.
  • Find an employee at Dick’s.
  • Show Dick’s the retailer’s ad or website.
  • The associate will verify and match the price.

Dick’s Online Price Match (dicks.com)

  • Check that Dick’s price matches, certain retailers.
  • Price match on Dicks.com. Check that the item’s brand, model number, and color match Dick’s website.
  • 1-877-846-9997 is Dick’s customer service.
  • Keep an ad or website providing cheaper pricing ready.
  • The agent will validate the item and price match online.
  • Buy at Dick’s for less.

Dick’s Price Adjustment Policy

Dick’s Price Adjustment isn’t as well-known, but it’s just as important.

Think of it as a way to get a partial refund on something you bought if its price drops right after you bought it.

The most obvious question to ask is, “Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Adjust Prices?” and the answer is clear: Yes, they do.

If you want to adjust your price, you can do something similar to what was described above.

The 14-Day Price Adjustment Process at Dick’s

Unlike price matching, price adjustment happens after you buy something at your local store (or online).

The process to follow is the same as the one described above. The only difference is that you only have a short amount of time to do it. Here are the most important steps.

  • Timeline: You have 14 days from the day you bought the item to ask for a refund.
  • Product: The product has to be the same (the same conditions as above apply)
  • Evidence: Show an ad or a website to prove that the price of the item has gone down.

You can either call the customer service hotline or go to a store near you to get your partial refund.

Are There Any Exclusions at Dicks Price Match/Adjustment?

  • Employee discounts with price-matching
  • BOGO
  • Flash sales
  • Warehouse clubs
  • Outlets and 3rd party retailers
  • Backorders or items out of stock
  • Rebates
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Store or site-wide promotion
  • Loyalty promos
  • Reward certificates
  • Credit-financing offers
  • Trade-in offers
  • Pre-owned or demo products
  • Custom product purchases
  • Clearance
  • Going-out-of-business sales
  • In-store service pricing or warranties
  • Delivery or assembly pricing/warranties

Help – Dick’s Price Match

Dick’s Help Desk: Click Here

You can also check FAQs on its official site to solve your dilemmas.

Last Words

Obviously, you can find ways to save money at Dick’s Sporting Goods if you know what to look for. By the way, Dick’s Price Match and Adjustment Policies really help you out in saving your pocket.

Also, if you have any queries or advice regarding the same put your comment below. If you like this article, share it with your friends and relatives.

Thank you!

FAQs For Dick’s Best Price Guarantee

Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Price Match?

Yeah Sure. The Dick’s Price Matching Policy is called the “Best Price Guarantee.” They will gladly match any price you find that is lower. (If the competitor is qualified)

Does Dick’s Price Match Amazon?

Yup, they match Amazon prices as long as it’s not a 3rd party reseller on their platform.

Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Price Match Walmart?

Sure, Dick’s matches Walmart’s prices.

Does Dick’s Price Adjustment?

Definitely, Dick’s does price adjust for up to 14 days after it was bought.

How many days do I have for a price adjustment?

You had 14 days from the day you bought it to return it.

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