Best Buy Price Match – Tips To Hack Your Money [Big Save]


➤ Does Best Buy Price Match?

The Best Buy Price Match Policy: Best Buy is an American large retail chain. It’s known as audio specialty store called Sound of Music.

The Best Buy sells electronics & home appliances. Also, Best Buy is Price Matching with Amazon.com, Crutchfield.com, Dell.com, HP.com and TigerDirect.com.

The Best Buy Price Match Guarantee serves as a great way to always get the lowest price when shopping for electronics.

Here are the details of Best Buy’s PriceMatch Policy, how Best Buy’s policy works, FAQs & some saving tricks to help you use it most effectively.

➤ Best Buy Price Match & Price Adjustment Policy Details

Company Name:Best Buy
Price Match?Yes
  • At the time of sale
  • During the return/exchange period for Best Buy price drops
Price Matches:
  • Local retail competitors
  • Online retailers: Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, TigerDirect
Exclusions:Third-party sellers, clearance, refurbished items, credit card offers, gift card offers, special customer offers (membership program pricing, etc.)
Where to redeem:Online, Phone, In-Store

➤ How Long Does Best Buy Price Matching After Purchase?

Many local & online competitors offer price match guarantees. So, If you know how to use a price match guarantee, you can save a lot.

Crappy feeling for sure! The good news for you is that Best Buy now offers 15-day price protection.

So, compare your item price with other stores. If it is lower than Best Buy, apply for the BestBuy.com Price Match request.

Best Buy allows Price Adjustment & you can get the best discount.

best buy price match

Best Buy’s website states, “If we lower our price during the return and exchange period (15 days), we will match our lower price upon request.”

➤ How Does the Best Buy Price Match Policy Work?

If you know how it works, Best Buy pricematch policy can save you a lot of money. Now feel free, here are some ideas on the same.

  • Best Buy will gladly match a lower price you find at a local competitor store or a qualifying online store.
  • Brand, model number, and colour must match for a price match.
  • Further, find a supposed “Blue Shirt” in-store and show them the competitor’s ad or website. The Best Buy staff will provide you with lower pricing.

➤ How to Get a Price Match at Best Buy on Your Own

Options of Best Buy has some price-matching:

In Store Best Buy Price Match 

  1. Find a qualifying product.
  2. Show an employee at Best Buy or Pacific Sales the lower pricing ad or internet ad.
  3. Best Buy reviews price-match requests.

Online Best Buy Price Match

  1. Verify your product’s price match validity.
  2. Chat with Best Buy
    • Scroll Price match page half
    • For price matching, click Online.
    • Best Buy Chat displays when you click “Chat.”

By Phone Best Buy Price Match 

  1. Always verify price match eligibility.
  2. Call 1-888-Best-Buy (1-888-237-8289).
  3. Prove the item’s lower pricing elsewhere.

➤ What If I want to know Price Matching Fundamentals?

There are some basics for price matching:

  • Competitors beware!
  • Same products only
  • In stock and available
  • Limited time
  • They even self-match

➤ Does Best Buy Price Match Black Friday or special deal days?

Items for sale the Friday before Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving are not price matched.


If you still have more questions about the Best Buy Price Match policy, you can visit its official site or chat with them for the best answer.

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➤ Which Items Are Excluded From Best Buy’s Price Matching Policy? 

These are their price match exclusions:

  • Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers on websites.
  • Competitors’ service prices.
  • Special daily or hourly sales.
  • Items are for sale from Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving.
  • The biggest one is no Black Friday price matching.

➤ Does Best Buy Price Match Amazon?

Most of the time, yes. During Prime Day and Black Friday in July, Best Buy and Amazon often have the same deals on hundreds of items.

If you shop online at Best Buy or Amazon, many items will likely have similar prices.

➤ Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart?

Best Buy does the price match Walmart at the time of purchase if the Walmart store is a local competitor to your local Best Buy store.

The Best Buy price match allows customers to compare prices with Walmart stores and Walmart.com. Also, you can request a price adjustment.

Which Online Retailers Will They Price Match?

Best Buy will indeed price match the prices of some online stores. Although the list is restricted to seven retailers, they also include several major players in the category of consumer electronics and give you a chance to get a better price.

  • Amazon.com
  • Bhphotovideo.com
  • Crutchfield.com
  • Dell.com
  • HP.com
  • Newegg.com
  • TigerDirect.com

In-store purchases, you can show a Best Buy employee the product page on one of these sites using your tablet or smartphone and they’ll confirm the price, and then quickly notify you an offer to match the price.

When you purchase on the internet, you’ll have to contact them at 1-800-BESTBUY to make price match requests. On their website, “Best Buy will then check and verify the request to match price using the Best Buy device.”

Which Items Won’t They Price Match?

They are price match restrictions:

  • Contract mobile phones are sold through any online retailer.
  • Prices of competitors’ services.
  • Hourly or daily sales or specials.
  • The sale of Thanksgiving-related items will run from Items for sale during Thanksgiving Day until the Monday following Thanksgiving.

The list is pretty small. The most important thing is that there is no Black Friday price matching.

➤ Does Best Buy Price Match Costco?

Costco has some exclusive products that are matched similarly with Best Buy. Costco is Best Buy’s main retail competitor.

So, you won’t be unhappy if you bring a Costco-priced item to Best Buy.

➤ Best Buy Near Me

➤ Best Buy Customer Service

  • Customer Care Number: 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289)


To conclude, this article will surely help you to get a complete guide on Price Match Policy at Best Buy.

If you find any queries or doubts regarding the same, you may leave your comment.

We will try our best to reach out to you soon. Thanks for being here…

➤ FAQs For Price Match Policy at Best Buy

➩ Which Online Retailers Will They Price Match?

Best Buy has several competitor stores listed below to match their prices.

  • Amazon.com
  • Bhphotovideo.com
  • Crutchfield.com
  • Dell.com
  • HP.com
  • Newegg.com
  • TigerDirect.com
Yes. The Price Match Guarantee applies to BestBuy.com or Best Buy Store purchases but may differ from other branded websites. Please visit each website’s terms and conditions for further information.
Price matching allows for a single time per similar item per customer at the current, pre-tax price is allowed to all.

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